Best way to increase your income with scuba diving

Many people have recently shown an interest in pursuing a diving profession. Especially after such a tumultuous period due to the covid pandemic and lockdowns. People have created a desire to work outside, in a natural and healthy environment. Surrounded by nature but also connected with other humans and animals.

To get the right answer to this question we asked 30 professional veteran divers how to increase our income with scuba diving jobs? Here is the question we asked;

“If you are about to start your diving career right now, what steps would you take to make money as a scuba diver?”

Many intriguing ideas regarding how to begin a diving career and earn money as a scuba diver were found among the 30 respondents. However, everyone’s initial response was much the same.

First step – Pass the scuba diver course

PADI (or some other) certification is the nitrous to every potential scuba diving job.

Your diving certificate will open many doors for you and give you opportunities to start. Choose what kind of diving career you see yourself in and move towards that goal. When you start, be aware of potential dangers while you dive. A common issue is decompression sickness or what’s called the bends. Yet, scuba diving is one of the most lucrative ways to make extra money. In addition to your regular job, use your time to develop diving skills. Remember to start with PADI scuba diving courses. Make sure you are in good physical health and have no respiratory issues.

Is it possible to live comfortably as a professional diver?

Having a hobby is a great thing. But turning a hobby into a well-paying job is a better option. Scuba diving is one of the most amazing sports recreation and hobbies which certainly can bring you enough income for a living. Almost any hobby can become a real job. Just name it – writing, photographing, painting, fishing… Scuba diving falls on that awesome list but in the first place.

Have you ever scuba-dived before? Is scuba diving your hobby? Are you the type of person that can’t imagine life without exploring the vastness of the deep ocean waters? If your answer is yes, give scuba diving a chance. There are many ways on how to turn your enthusiasm into a well-paid professional career.

Make money as a military diver

Military diving pays between two and four hundred dollars per dive. While that doesn’t seem like much, you will most likely dive quite a few times in one week.

We have to mention that this type of job, like many other scuba diving jobs. It doesn’t include full board accommodation in the warm Caribbean waters. On the contrary, you will most often have to dive in the dark, cold and unrelenting water. But first of all, you’ll have to meet the requirements, which only a few from a three dozen do. Then you’ll have to pass the back-breaking training. And, only after that would you be allowed to start working. There are so many types of things that military divers do. From ship maintenance underwater to searching for missing bodies in turbid rivers.

US military divers
U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Taylor M. Smith

Make money by diving in aquariums at water parks.

This position does not need any military experience. It’s relaxing and enjoyable work. You may work as an entertainer while being surrounded by a variety of marine species. In front of an audience, performing in a glass aquarium. Scuba divers are often asked to dress up like mermaids by water park operators in order to entertain the younger audience. To many, this appears to be an interesting and simple job. Both divers and spectators will have a great time.

Scuba diving treasure hunt

For this type of activity, you don’t have to become certified through a renowned organization. You can start whenever you want and do it for as long as you want. You need an underwater metal detector to search with. Or one neodymium magnet. Do not rejoice ahead of time because more than 90% of everything you find will be scrap metal. Searching tools can lead you to some lost valuable objects and artifacts of great historical importance. Some people even manage to earn a living. Only by collecting went-astray golf balls from the bottoms of rivers neighboring golf courses and fields. It may sound strange, but it’s a verifiable fact.

Earn money as a science and research diver 

Have you ever wished to go so deep into the ocean where hardly anyone dares to go? Have you ever wished to explore something as important as the sinking of the RMS Titanic? If you have, then this is the type of job you’re looking for. Research centers, including colleges, sponsored agencies, and universities do a variety of fieldwork in the ocean waters. From taking pictures to finding wrecks and exploring historical events.

Commercial diving brings a good amount of money

Commercial scuba diving is a very recognized thing nowadays. Besides, this type of scuba diving is encompassing many areas where a scuba diver could work. It’s true that commercial divers usually work offshore for oil and gas companies. But they can also work in construction, engineering, photography, exploration, and even underwater welding.  Even so, the annual salary of scuba divers ranges from $34.000 to $120.00 – depending on the experience the scuba diver has.

scuba diving partners

Make money as a night diver – 5 ways

We’ll go over 5 unique ways to generate money as a night diver. Each of them has the potential to boost your revenue and expand your scuba diving profession. You’ll also find all of the necessary equipment for night diving here.

Military and police diving at night

This type of diving is the most paid and respected in the diving world. If you are in service of the military or police. Apply to be a scuba diver, and try to Diving at night will bring you more money due to difficult working conditions. This means you will be often diving at night. During the search for lost individuals or weapons that end up in the water after police or military persecution. This is a very well-paid job and if you do saturation diving it’s even better paid.

Commercial night diving

For this one, you will need education, much longer than PADI. It takes up from 6 months to a year. You will learn everything you need to know about diving and then you go to underwater labor. Here you can dive on oil rigs, insured underwater pipes, or whatever construction people do on the land. Almost everything is done underwater as well. A lot of companies provide night work during work deadlines and you can make more money as a night diver.

Make money as a night lifeguard diver

For this type of job, you have to be in great physical and mental health and have a proper license. You will be responsible for a wide range of activities. Related to the protection of swimmers and boaters. You are maintaining security and patrolling the water at night. In case of emergency, you provide first aid and rescue swimmers when needed. You will also assist in the implementation of SCUBA diving operations. And perform other duties as assigned.

Scuba diving night supervisor

The diving supervisor inspects all divers in his team for physical and mental health. Before each dive. Assign the duties of all members of the dive team. And direct them throughout the diving operation. Inspecting diving equipment before every dive to ensure that everything is operating. Sometimes, for this kind of job, you will need up to 10 years of experience in offshore commercial diving. This job is also done at night as a night diver.

scuba diving at night
scuba diving at night

Research and hunting the animals at night

As a night diver, you may also generate income by working as a hunter or research diver. You won’t be able to observe certain animals during the day. There are a lot of creatures that behave differently at different times of the day and night. Animals like crabs, shrimps, and lobsters are coming out at night time. Octopi are swimming freely and lobsters are coming out from their shelters. On a night dive, you are able to see the food chain in the action and their camouflage strategy. For example, sharks behave differently when the sun goes down. They prefer hunting at night. This type of work has a lot of interesting aspects and also it is a well-paid job.

Essential gear for night diving

The most essential gear for night diving is lights. As you can imagine diving at night without it. But, what really makes night diving such a special and unique experience? When the sun goes down and you get prepared for the night diving. You will get some chills through your body and a nice boost of adrenaline. So here is some most essential gear for night diving that you’ll need to pack in your diving bag.

Night scuba diver

Primary and secondary lights

The underwater visibility at night is practically none. In that case, you will need at least two lights to increase your range of vision. The best choice for diving light would be hands-free lights but not the brightest you can find. 250 lumen light is enough for a night diving. More than 250 lumen light is for murky waters. The average bright light is quite enough for visibility and the underwater world around you. So you can observe your surroundings without disturbing them.

Secondary light should be your support light. If your primary light brakes in some way. Your spare one will come in handy and you can continue with your job or adventure.

Use light sticks when you scuba dive at night

These lights are used for communication with your surroundings. If you are diving in a team, they will be able to notice you easier. Lights sticks can attach to your air tank or diving gear, and besides spot, you can also use them for signaling.

Scuba diving at night

Scuba diving computer

A diving computer is essential for any type of diving, especially for night diving. When buying, make sure it has a bright screen and as many options as you can get. Having a compass, measuring the estimated emergency decompression, depth, time, is a crucial thing.

Diving with wrist slate

This useful addition to your wrist for night diving can be used in a variety of ways. With a wrist slate, you may take notes while diving or interact with your fellow divers. This is a fantastic piece of equipment to wear on a night dive and it can always be useful.

Most profitable scuba diving jobs

There are many types of diving jobs that can increase your income or even make a living. Here are the 15 most profitable scuba diving jobs that professional divers do and make good money from.

These are average salaries and it is one hundred percent certain that you can earn more on each of these jobs. It all depends on where you work and the diving conditions.

There is indeed a wide range of job opportunities for a licensed scuba diver. If you are one, you can do various side jobs without being a police employer, in the military, or in some other company. In your spare time, you can do many diving jobs and earn some extra monthly income as a freelance diver.

What category does diving profit fall into?

When it comes to money, diving profits fall into the “fun money” category.

People make money doing various things. Too often boring and exhausting jobs. From time to time, every one of us thinks about; how to make some extra cash. Especially by doing something exciting and fun. Even people who earn well want to have extra income. A hobby where through fun and new experiences can make some good extra money. To feel more fulfilled. If it brings fun and good profit, go for it.

Did you know that scuba divers can earn a lot more than 100.000 dollars a year according to Of course, higher figures are determined by the jobs you do, but the diving salary is something I’m sure everyone would like to dive into.

What are the benefits of scuba diving?

Take the words by experienced divers and people who have tried scuba diving for the first time. Diving offers great benefits like:

  • Stress relief
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Improve strength
  • Get better flexibility
  • Positive effects on emotional stability, sense of joy and happiness
  • Improve human relations and build friendships

To learn more about how scuba diving can affect your health click here

Can scuba diving be your side huste?

Or, can your second job be your fun hobby and increase your annual earnings? Certainly can! Whatever diving profession you choose, there is a good chance that you will gain a decent income and a stable salary. Scuba diving is a good lead for making money from doing interesting and fun jobs.

As we mentioned, the first step is to take a dive course and get into the profession where you feel most comfortable. All you need is to swim well, be healthy and you can start your most amazing journey. Head over to PADI’s official website, to learn more about the PADI Scuba Diver courses.

Underwater photographer
Underwater photographer

Lots of people currently dive for a living or make extra money from scuba diving. You can have a full-time job and still start earning as a scuba diver. Although it’s fun, don’t think you will get rich right away from scuba diving. Being a professional diver requires a lot of work and dedication. You need to understand what kind of diving job inspires you and find a way to get involved in it.

As a scuba diver, be sure you’re aware of the benefits as well as the risks you’re incurring. Examine the many sorts of diving jobs available to see which one best matches your needs. Make the necessary research to learn how to become a professional scuba diver who earns a decent living.

Thank you for reading!