Take underwater photos and monetize your love of photography

Take underwater photos and monetize your love of photography

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Scuba divers and underwater photography

Underwater photography is a very interesting job opportunity for scuba divers. This can bring you some serious extra income. If you love to scuba dive, try to connect it with underwater photography.

Get into underwater photography

People often choose photography as a wonderful pastime from which they can make a quick buck. There are certainly plenty of professional photographers. But now we will focus on professional underwater photography as a great additional hobby for scuba divers. All you need to do is bring your camera to your next adventure. 

Underwater photography jobs for scuba divers

Many digital and print magazines are happy to buy great underwater photographs. There are also numerous websites that very often buy professional photos and videos for their daily needs. You can find some great platforms where you can sell your photos. Here are some examples; Unsplash, Pixabay, and ShooterStock. Also, find some contacts to whom you can sell your photos.

There will always be underwater photography competitions where you can take part in, and underwater photography models that you can photograph. 

In addition to hobbies, underwater photography can be your daily job and a great source of income. Encourage yourself with these interesting opportunities. 

Don’t believe it if someone tells you the opposite. Enjoy your hobby and follow your inspiration. Because in many ways you can make good money by selling professional photos.

And don’t forget, always take a few nice photos to give away for free. This won’t take you much time or money. Because if you give, you will always get something good in life.

Underwater photography equipment 

You are probably wondering what camera you need for taking high-quality underwater pictures that can make you money. For real professional underwater photos, you will need quite a bit of money. It’s not cheap if you want top-quality pictures. Before we mention the cheaper variant, let’s go through some setup. 

You will need a DSLR or a compact camera. For most people, a better choice is DSLR because of the interchangeable lens choices. They can also support large lenses which leads us to camera housing supporting wider and larger lenses. The next very important item that you will need is the lighting. Get one or two underwater strobes. It allows you to adjust backscatter and try different lighting for better quality pictures. 

On a lower budget, you can find the best camera in the GoPro offers. These cameras have proven to be great for everyday use on all occasions. Prices and models vary and this is where you can do best for less money. And get a good enough camera for professional underwater photography. You can take some great underwater shots with your smartphone as well if your phone can go underwater.

Underwater photography

Underwater photography salary

The average yearly income of underwater photographers is higher than the average salary of some boring everyday jobs you probably won’t be fulfilled with. According to statistics the average underwater photographer has a high school degree and makes between $35.000 and $60.000.

How to become an underwater photographer

Underwater photographers often take college courses to learn more about photography, equipment, and techniques to raise their average annual earnings. You need to have a good eye for taking a great photo. This is what is required and can be sold. You can learn a lot about underwater photography by taking the courses but your greatest success depends on your experience and your eye behind the lens.

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