Freediving is a form of underwater diving that relies on breath-holding until resurfacing rather than the use of breathing apparatus such as scuba gear.


Unveiling the Depths: A Journey into Freediving

Unraveling the Mysteries Beneath Freediving, the ancient art of exploring the underwater world on a single breath, stands as a testament to humanity’s enduring fascination with the unknown. From its humble origins in pursuit of sustenance to modern-day adventures, freediving beckons with promises of discovery and wonder. Embracing the Essence of Freediving At its core, …

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Polish diver breaks world record

Stanislaw Odbiezalek, a world-renowned scuba diver from Poland, has broken the world record for monofin ice diving. With only his monofin, he descended into the freezing depths, pushing himself to the limit and smashing the previous record in the process. Inspired by the incredible feat of fellow freediver Amber Fillary from the Republic of South Africa, Odbiezalek fearlessly dove 105 meters under the ice, cementing his status as a true champion of the sport. His accomplishment is a testament to the power of the human spirit and an inspiration for anyone seeking to achieve greater levels in their chosen field.


What is Freediving

Freediving is the most widespread and oldest form of diving. Historically, people have ventured into such ventures in search of food, shells, or to explore submerged objects.