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Scuba Diving Corner is a sports & recreational web place related to scuba diving and travel. Everyone is invited to share their favorite diving destinations and tales with our community. Collect the answers you need about scuba diving or share them with us.

Scuba Diving Corner is a website dedicated to sharing first-hand diving stories and news from across the globe. The motivation is to provide unique insight into the daily lives of scuba divers. In order to encourage people to learn more, but also participate in this exciting sport. Diving is the most popular recreational sport in the world, bringing numerous health advantages.

Recent stories

Seahorse in Greece

Warning from the Ocean

This photo of a gentle seahorse pulling a protective mask was captured in the waters of northern Greece and has been nominated for the "Ocean Photography Award 2021." […]

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Scuba diving Q&A

Scuba Diving Q&A

One of the most important life lessons that scuba diving can teach you is how to remain calm even in the most stressful situations. […]

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