How to keep warm while scuba diving

A few tips on how to keep warm while scuba diving

If you are a passionate diving enthusiast, a little colder water will certainly not stop you from diving. But do not forget that it is still necessary to maintain body temperature during the dive. Here are some tips to help you keep warm while scuba diving.

Choose the right diving suit to keep you warm while scuba diving

As obvious as this may seem, it must not be neglected. Choosing the right diving suit can affect the entire dive. Consider whether you need a suit with long or short leggings and the thickness you need. If you are unsure about your choice your diving instructor will be happy to assist you. It is also very important that the wet-suit fits you perfectly. Wet suits work by trapping a thin layer of water between you and your body. Your body heats that water inside and you are surrounded in almost warm water. If the suit doesn’t fit perfectly; whether it’s too big or too small – the result will be the same. The water will be constantly circulating and you will be cold as if you were not even wearing a suit. If it’s really cold, don’t hesitate to wear a dry suit. Of course, if you passed a dry suit course. 

Wear a diving hood

Diving suits are designed to cover the head and face while leaving room for a mask and a regulator. It may surprise you how much warmer you will be and how much heat you lose through your head. Find a long-necked hood that you can tuck under your suit to expose as little skin as possible to cold water. Wear neoprene gloves. The gloves will also reduce the contact area of ​​the skin and cold water and keep you warm. 

Warm-up on the surface

If you are well warmed up before a dive, it means that you will bring more heat with you into the water. Dress warmly: long pants, a jacket, even a scarf, and gloves if needed. A windproof jacket is a perfect choice for windy weather and boat rides to the dive site.

Eat a few hours before diving

Eating well a few hours before a dive is important for a number of reasons. First, it will give you the energy you need and keep you more alert. Second, your metabolism will work faster, giving you some extra heat. So, plan your meals carefully to maintain the temperature while diving. Of course, it is not advisable to eat right before a dive.

Rinse your diving suit with warm water

Prepare and bring with you a bucket of warm (not boiling) water. When you put on a wet suit and get ready to dive. Pour warm water into the suit through all openings. This will create a layer of warm water between the suit and the body. So your body will not spend extra energy on heating it.

Assemble and prepare the equipment in advance

It is always practical to assemble the equipment before arriving at the dive site. However, this is especially important when diving in cold conditions. This will reduce the time spent in the cold air and give you more time to dive. Read our article about scuba diving under the ice here

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