Spare air Xtreme

Spare air Xtreme 6 mini scuba kit

Paratroopers carry a spare parachute so divers should carry spare breathing gear – this has makes sense!

Spare Air has been providing the smallest and most compact breathing equipment accessible to divers for over 40 years. When a diver runs out of air, this is the right alternative. The patented Spare Air may become standard diving equipment in the future, but for now, it is a backup system that only a few divers carry on a dive.

The new Xtreme 6 Mini Scuba Kit is a complete diving breathing gear in a small package. It arrives fully assembled and ready to leap into the water right away, with enough oxygen to last for around 20 minutes of shallow diving. So, if you need to dive quickly, clean the boat, or remove the ropes from the propeller, this system may be utilized on your diving boat or another kind of vessel.

With just under five pounds, the Xtreme 6 Mini Scuba Kit is the lightest autonomous diving system which includes:

  • Regulator with snorkel
  • Mask
  • Belt with lead holders
  • Compressed air tank

The regulator with a snorkel is a patented system (EasyDive snorkelator) on which you switch the air supply from the snorkel (on the surface) to the air from a small oxygen tank by turning one switch. Such a system reduces the weight and volume of the equipment and allows the use of a snorkel on the surface. This is useful since many scuba divers no longer have a snorkel, which may be quite useful.

Thank you for reading! If you wonder how to pick the right diving knife for you, check this link.

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