Diving knife – Pick the best for your needs

Which diving knife is the best and most appropriate for you

A diving knife, like every other piece of diving equipment, has a specific function. If you get tangled in a fishing net, grass, or abandoned boat lines, a diving knife is a must-have thing that can save your life in such situations. And it’s not designed only to fight sea creatures (although even here in strange, rare situations it can prove useful). A diving knife is a must-have piece of diving equipment if you’re doing difficult diving, such as crawling into wrecks or underwater caverns. However, if you dive in a calm area like the Red Sea, Maldives, Caribbean Sea, etc., the knife is only an accessory in your kit, but it is always a good idea to have it with you. Furthermore, a diving knife is a mandatory item of diving equipment for all divers in certain countries. But some dive sites will not let you wear it on a dive at all, to avoid damaging coral or causing other problems. The question is, how do you pick it? Which knife is right for you, and what should you look for when shopping?

When buying a diving knife, look for one that suits your type of diving. So, it needs to be versatile to meet all your needs. And it must be able to attach easily to your diving equipment.

The shape of a diving knife

The division is quite simple here. There are diving knives with a blunt tip and diving knives with a sharp tip. If you’re a recreational diver, the one with the blunt tip is the preferable option. This will also protect you from accidental wet suit piercing. But should the blade be straight or serrated? Serrated blades are better at penetrating and cutting substantial barriers. This type of diving knife is made to last longer than flat-bladed knives, which can rapidly dull in such conditions. Guide yourself by the type of dives you practice most often.

If that isn’t enough for you to make a choice, look for a knife with two types of blades: one with a flat blade on one side and serrated blade on the other.

The size of a diving knife

If you dive most often on the high seas, then you don’t need a large diving knife. Basically, you only use the knife if you get entangled in a net or some other object. In most situations, the knife will be kept in its scabbard, thus a knife of 10 to 12 cm in length will suffice for all underwater activities.

Before purchasing, consider what you will most commonly need a knife for when diving and pick appropriately. If you choose a dive knife with a smaller blade, ensure that the grip is big enough to fit in your hand comfortably. If the knife’s handle is too tiny, you won’t be able to hold it steady. And, of course, pay attention to where you’ll position it on your body.

The “old school” method of carrying a diving knife on the lower leg is still the most popular among experienced divers.

Diving knife material

Steel knives are an excellent option. Pay close attention to the numerical requirements (e.g. 400 series alloy). A lower number mark, for example, indicates that the knife will be more rust resistant. Steel blades will corrode to some degree over time. Knives having a high amount of carbon added to boost the blade’s strength, for example, may require more attentive maintenance (coating with silicone or oil after a dive).

Titanium knives are significantly superior in every way, but they are far more expensive. Knives manufactured of titanium offer a number of advantages, including the fact that they don’t require much maintenance. Because the metal has no carbon, they do not corrode and are extremely difficult to dull. It is, of course, more difficult to sharpen.

For many people, putting a knife on a BCD is the most convenient choice, therefore while buying a knife, make sure it has all the necessary accessories to hold it on your BCD.

Finally, these parameters suggest a selection of foldable titanium diving knives, although this is not always the case. It’s entirely up to you and your diving habits. And, of course, your ability to select a knife based on the actual needs you have.

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