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Garmin Descent Mk2S designed for ladies

The Garmin Descent Mk2S is a diving computer designed for everyday use. It features multiple modes, multisport training functions, and smart functions for underwater and onshore adventures.

Whats new about Descent Mk2S?

The Descent Mk2S is the ideal diving computer for women and those with smaller wrists. It is designed for everyday wear and maximum functionality. This device has cutting-edge diving technology and Garmin’s most popular sports activity profiles and wellness features. This diving computer is a smaller, more modern alternative to what is currently available on the market. The Mk2S features have a 1.2-inch sapphire screen that can be read in direct sunlight. Housing is 43 mm in diameter, with silicone, leather, and metal QuickFit straps interchangeable.

Descent Mk2S specifications

Descent Mk2S is a diving computer with support for multiple diving modes. For diving with air or a mixture of gases (including nitrox and trimix), scuba diving, free diving, underwater spearfishing, and diving with a closed-circuit device (rebreather). The Mk2S will mark entry – exit points in the water using multi-GNSS satellite support and include an underwater triple compass. Directly on the wrist, divers may see depth, dive time, temperature, NDL / TTS, dive / ascent speeds, gas mixture, PO2, N2 saturation, decompression / safety stop information, time, and more. Divers may also quickly customize their diving techniques by adding extra screens with the data columns they want to view.

Using the Explore tool, divers plan their next trip by browsing popular dive sites rated and reviewed by other users with useful information such as weather conditions and dive logs from that site. In the app, follow the equipment used for each dive.

Descent Mk2S is designed for woman

The Descent Mk2S is also a leading multisport GPS wristwatch with built-in sports apps, all-day health tracking, and more. It represents the leading health functions for women. Including menstrual cycle monitoring and pregnancy monitoring. As well as all-day breathing and advanced sleep monitoring that assesses the light, deep, and REM sleep phases. Users may check their sleep on the watch after waking up to determine if they got the quality sleep they need to feel rested.

The Descent Mk2S can sync with a smartphone to get call and message notifications. Garmin Pay allows for contactless payments and music storage. In smartwatch mode, the Descent Mk2S can last up to seven days, while in dive mode, it can last up to 30 hours.

When paired with a compatible Garmin inReach satellite communication device, users can send and receive messages from the Descent Mk2S watch. In case of need, call for help.

Descent Mk2S is available in three colors.

  • Gold with sand-colored silicone strap
  • Gray DLC with black silicone strap
  • Mineral blue with silicone strap

This unique Garmin diving watch can combine with QuickFit straps for any style and is now available on the market for $ 999.99 USD.

Thank you for reading, and make sure to check out the new Descent Mk2i, designed specifically for diving instructors.

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