Garmin DescentMk2i


Garmin Descent Mk2i represents a new generation of diving products, equipped with a bunch of features for underwater lovers. These Garmin watches can also be worn on daily basis.

Whats new about Garmin Descent Mk2i?

The Descent Mk2i dive computer is paired with the Descent T1 transmitter via Garmin SubWaveTM technology. To deliver bottle pressure information to the diver. SubWave is a revolutionary sonar-based communication system. With increased range and reliability compared to previous air pressure measures in the bottle. With a larger clock screen, waterproof inductive switch technology, customizable data fields in the dive app’s screen layout, and more. The Descent Mk2 and Descent Mk2i contain the most sought-after Garmin everyday smartwatch features. Making it one of the most sophisticated and connected dive computers designed in the form of a watch.

The Descent Mk2i dive computer can simultaneously monitor tank pressure with up to five paired Descent T1 transmitters. Each sold separately via the Sonar SubWave data network. Divers can check the tank pressure, remaining time, and breathing gas flow rate. Also, monitor other divers or additional bottles within 10 meters. What makes the Descent Mk2i and Descent T1 the ideal solution for dive guides and instructors.

Garmin Descent Mk2i specifications

The Descent Mk2 series supports multiple dive modes; mixtures of tank gases (including nitrox, trimix, and 100% O2), apnea, and diving rebreather. The watches have an underwater three-way compass and display depth. Dive time, temperature, NDL / TTS, ascent/dive speeds, gas mixtures, PO2, N2 load, decompression/safety stop information, day time, and more. All data is seen on a sharp 1.4-inch color screen. Readable in sunlight that is 36 percent larger than the screen of the first Garmin diving model (Descent Mk1).

Garmin Descent Mk2i as a smartwatch

On land, the Descent Mk2 and Mk2i play the role of top multisport GPS smartwatches. With multi-GNSS support and heart rate monitoring on the wrist. They feature multiple sports profiles including golf with color mapping for over 42,000 courses worldwide. Other smartwatch features include call notifications, text and calendar alerts, and more directly on the wrist. Garmin Pay ™ contactless payment function. Music storage with compatible support for music services, and a pulse oximeter to monitor blood oxygen saturation.

Dives are automatically recorded in the new free Garmin Dive ™ app. It provides a detailed analysis of each diving activity including maximum depth. Time spent at the bottom, and a map of surface entry and exit points. There is a research function in the app to search over more than 2,700 dive sites from around the world. The watches also contain hundreds of dive sites loaded so you can browse wreck and reef sites. As well as tidal data to find the best places to do underwater research.

When paired with a compatible Garmin inReach® satellite communicator on the surface. Users can quickly send and receive messages from the Descent Mk2 or Mk2i watch. Or activate an interactive SOS call as needed. Protect your Garmin device with a new inReach mini diving case (sold separately) and stay calm and safe whenever you surface.

Boosted battery life

The Descent Mk2 and Descent Mk2i boast a battery life of up to 16 days in smartwatch mode and up to 80 hours in diving mode. The Descent Mk2i has a battery life of up to 32 hours when paired with the Descent T1. The T1 transmitter has a battery capacity of up to 110 hours of diving with a replaceable CR123 battery.

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