Face Mask Ocean Positive

Protective masks made from lost fishing nets

The Fourth Element introduced a new line of face masks under its OceanPositive brand that is made in part from fishing nets lost at sea.

In addition, the new Fourth Element masks are made using the remnants of their already recycled swimsuit fabric. This means that making these masks drastically reduces waste and has multiple environmental impacts.

The masks are available in four color combinations and have a double ribbon to tie around the back of the head to avoid the discomfort created by the elastic band on the ears. But if needed these ribbons can easily be turned into ear loops.

Face Mask Fourth Element

Each mask comes with three PM 2.5 filters that have five layers of filtration, including a core layer of activated carbon.

While disposable masks are necessary for some, reusable masks are a great option. Their use reduces the number of raw materials needed to produce disposable masks. And consequently, the waste ends up in landfills or, worse, in the ocean. OceanPositive masks can be washed in the washing machine and reused indefinitely (it is necessary to remove the filter first).

By the way, the lost fishing nets in the sea are also called “ghost nets”. Every year they make over 600,000 tons of lost fishing equipment in the sea. And long after they are lost they kill sea creatures, from invertebrates to large marine mammals. Diving teams around the world are removing these nets from wrecks and reefs, often at great depths. Divers are bringing them to the surface where they can be recycled to be used to make swimsuits, henceforth also the protective face masks.

The price of this mask is around 15 euros, and you can order it directly from the Fourth Element official website.

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