Wreck diving in Greece

Wreck diving & E-Charter in Greece

Greece lifts ban on wreck diving and introduces E-Charter service for tourism development and protection

Greece lifts ban on wreck diving

One of the biggest frustrations of diving in Greece is the numerous restrictions for divers. Especially those found at diving archeological sites and ancient shipwrecks.

To support the Greek economy and boost tourism following the COVID-19 pandemic, a law has been passed removing many restrictions. New regulations remove depth restrictions and allow unsupervised diving on wrecks and archeological sites.

The draft envisions unlimited access to wrecks over the age of 50. Which opens up a wide range of diving sites of interest to wreck divers. There are many ancient wrecks in Greek waters, as well as wrecks from World War II.

As part of the new rules, the first two underwater archeological parks in Greece should open this summer. The first in the Gulf of Navarino, and the second opposite Methonia on the island of Sapientza. Right on the southern coast of the Peloponnese.

Greece introduces e-charter

This service will solve the problem of endless queues, paperwork, and shorten the lengthy process. Also, eliminate the need for a large number of officers in the Greek Coast Guard. Employed in bureaucratic positions.

A meeting was held in January at the Greek Ministry of Shipping. Attended by the competent authorities and representatives of professional nautical associations in Greece to create an e-charter service agreement. Combined with the e-register system, which has been active since 2018. Bringing together all entries of private and commercial vessels in Greece. The e-charter service will facilitate charter control.

Greece introduce E-charter

Greece will thus better protect the industry from unfair competition and illegal charter. The E-charter service is developed by the Greek Independent Informatics. And Department of the General Secretariat of the Port. In cooperation with the Directorate for Maritime Investments and Maritime Tourism. As well as the Ministry of Finance.

Greece is a major competitor in nautical tourism in Europe. And recent years have shown that they are ready to react quickly to the market situation. Which is key to industry development.

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