Zakynthos beaches – How to get there and what makes them unique

Zakynthos is the most popular destination in Greece. This island is a favorite for all generations. Especially the young. Check out the list of Zakynthos beaches.

We start from the north and go from the west side to the south and back along the east coast. Let’s go through all the beaches of Zakynthos island. The smallest number of beaches is on the west side of the island where there are only 4. And the most is in the southeast of Zakynthos: The peninsula of Vasilikos itself has about 11 beaches.

Beaches on Zakynthos – list

  1. Navagio – Shipwreck beach
  2. Porto Vromi
  3. Stenitis
  4. Limnionas
  5. Marathias
  6. Limni Keriou
  7. Koukla
  8. Agios Sostis
  9. Laganas
  10. Kalamaki
  11. Dafni
  12. Gerakas
  13. Agios Nikolaos
  14. Porto Roma
  15. Plaka
  16. Banana
  17. Spanzia
  18. Porto Zoro
  19. Porto Kaminia
  20. Argassi
  21. Tsilivi
  22. Planos
  23. Amboula
  24. Drosia
  25. Alykanas
  26. Alykes
  27. Xigia
  28. Makris Gialos

1 Navagio – Shipwreck beach

In the northwest of the island of Zakynthos in the bay of Navagio is the most famous beach on Zakynthos. It was named after the wreck of a ship for illegal cigarette smuggling, which stranded on the beach in 1983. In addition to the wreckage that emerges from the sand deposits. Part of the picturesque landscape is high. White cliffs are standing there in the clear, turquoise water.

The beach can be reached in half an hour with the help of taxis – boats that go from a small port in Porto Vromi every hour.

  • Location: Northwest of the island
  • The most famous beach on Zakynthos

2 Porto Vromi

Porto Vromi Beach in Zakynthos is close to the villages of Maries and Exo Xora, where you can visit local churches and hang out in one of the taverns.

The bay itself where the beach is located is small and sprinkled with white pebbles, and while enjoying the view you can have a cold drink at the beach bar that plays Greek music. This beach is not very popular with swimmers, but there are also small motor boats with which you can sail to one of the nearby beaches.

  • Location: Northwest, 37 km from the city of Zakynthos
  • A small port for ships and boats

3 Stenitis beach

You can visit this clean and relatively quiet beach of Stenitis by a road leading past the village of Maries. Fishing boats that tour the surroundings are anchored here, and scuba divers love this place.

  • Location: 35 km northwest of the city of Zakynthos
  • Boating, scuba diving, no tourist premises

4 Limnionas beach

Limnionas is located near the village of Agios Leon, in a rocky bay where there is actually no real beach. No sand or pebbles beach. Visitors here are mostly sunbathing on the rocks. And some people come here to jump from the rocks into the water. You can get here by road, and after you park at the top, you can reach the part for jumping and sunbathing along the carved path through the rock.

  • Location: 30 km from town, west of the island
  • Sheltered, rocky

5 Marathias beach

Marathias Beach is good for fun and relaxation. But don’t forget to bring your own parasols and towels. This well-sheltered beach is surrounded by greenery and the air is fresh and clean thanks to the currents from the sea and conifers that create shade. Marathias is not crowded with guests. Nearby its coast is a complex of luxury hotels with beautiful sea views. As well as Keri Village & Spa.

  • Location: 26 km from the city, south of the island
  • Calm, exotic, natural shade

6 Limni Keriou beach

Limni Keriou beach is located near the Keri resort. Its golden sand and blue waters are in the more developed part of Zakynthos, Along the coast, you can visit several taverns and bars. In the port near Keri, you can board a boat and go on a trip to the Blue Caves. One of the most beautiful attractions on the island.

  • Location: south, 21 km from the town
  • Sandy beach, organized tours to the Blue Caves

7 Koukla beach

This is one of the most beautiful beaches on Zakynthos and very hospitable. Sun loungers and parasols are arranged along the coast ready for rent. The water here is warm, and there are many rooms and apartments for rent nearby. Koukla Beach is accessible and well visited, and the surrounding taverns are famous for their seafood specialties.

  • Location: 13 km southeast of the city
  • Sandy beach, greenery

8 Agios Sostis beach

This beach boasts a fantastic appearance – it owes its beauty to the unusually arranged rocks, numerous small caves and tall, fragrant conifers. You can visit the villages on the coast by boats that sail around, and the shallow water and facilities for tourists are great for families with children. Taverns, cafeterias and bars will make sure you have something to eat during the day on the beach, and some work until late at night.

You can take a wooden bridge to a small, rocky island across from Laganas Bay, where you can relax on the sandy beach.

  • Location: 11 km southeast of the city (between the villages of Laganas and Porto Koukla)
  • Small and beautiful, family-oriented

9 Laganas beach

Laganas is the most popular beach in Zakynthos: it is close to the city and has everything you need for day and night on the beach. In addition to the beach and pool with sunbeds, umbrellas, and toilets, there are restaurants and bars most visited at night and they organize great parties for young people. Laganas beach on Zakynthos is also good for water sports fans, and there is plenty of accommodation in nearby hotels.

The beach is part of the Greek National Marine Park and the birthplace of an endangered species of a sea turtle. Across from Laganas is the small wooded island of Agios Sostis, which can be reached by a wooden bridge.

  • Location: 9 km southeast of the city
  • Large, popular, for young people, national park

10 Kalamaki beach

Kalamaki is a small, busy sandy beach good for families and water sports enthusiasts. It is located in the extension of Laganas beach and is also part of the Greek National Marine Park. Although it is well visited, it did not affect its beauty – it is developed enough to be pleasant to visit, but not so much as to obscure the view of lush greenery and magnificent shapes of large rocks.

  • Location: 6 km from the city, southeast – closest to the airport
  • Small, popular

11 Dafni beach

Although it is located in the part of Zakynthos whose beaches are very popular, Daphne is quite deserted: the road to it is in poor condition, and the trails are inconspicuous. Anyone who tries to reach it will enjoy the peace and the beautiful view, and divers will love the lavish underwater world around the rocks at the ends of this bay. The beach has two levels – the upper one is more popular.

  • Location: 15 km southwest of the city, Vassilikos Peninsula
  • Lonely, undeveloped

12 Gerakas beach

Gerakas beach is a paradise for swimming and sunbathing, and its beautiful landscapes perfectly enchant the natural beauties of Zakynthos. The endangered species of the sea turtle Caretta – Caretta has found shelter here. Parking is free, and there is a path to the sandy beach with crystal clear water.

  • Location: 18 km southwest of the city, Vassilikos Peninsula
  • Sandy, long, one of the most beautiful

13 Agios Nikolaos beach

The beach of the same name and the town is named after a small chapel located on the beach. Agios Nikolaos is one of Zakynthos’s most exciting beaches, with many tourist attractions, a restaurant, and a bar. Almost the entire beach is covered with deck chairs and parasols, with quieter parts on the right.

  • Location: 32 km from town, Vassilikos Peninsula
  • Water sports, scuba diving

14 Porto Roma beach

Porto Roma beach is very small, but also beautiful – it is surrounded by dense forests of tall conifers that provide a natural shade and covered with sand and pebbles. The calm waters will be attractive to lovers of swimming and diving, and there are several good taverns nearby.

  • Location: 16 km southeast of the city, Vassilikos Peninsula
  • Very small, untouched nature

15 Plaka beach

Plaka beach is located on the very edge of the Vassilikos peninsula, in the eastern part of the island. It is safe for children thanks to the shallow water and very pleasant, and you also have deck chairs and parasols on it. This landscape is becoming increasingly popular.

  • Location: 15 km from the town, near the village of Vassilikos
  • Shallow water, sandy shore

16 Banana beach

Banana beach is large and sandy, with water of exotic blue color. It is well decorated and you can rent deck chairs and parasols on it, as well as enjoy chilled drinks in the bars. There are plenty of parking spaces, and the beach is very accessible.

  • Location: 14 km from town, Vassilikos Peninsula
  • Beautiful, clean, decorated

17 Spanzia beach

One of the longest beaches on Zakynthos has everything you could need, from deck chairs and parasols to bars, toilets, cafeterias, and activities for all ages. It is surrounded by greenery, clean, and it’s safe for children. It has a large parking lot and can be easily reached by car.

  • Location: 16 km from town, Vassilikos peninsula
  • Sandy and gravelly parts

18 Porto Zoro beach

Porto Zoro is a quiet beach, good for swimming. It is a true natural oasis, with calm and clear water, lush greenery, and magnificent rocks. There is a large hotel with a grassy area, and behind the beach, there are apartments for rent.

  • Location: 17 kilometers from the city, Vassilikos Peninsula
  • Popular, sandy

19 Porto Kaminia beach

Porto Kaminia beach is an alternative to the dynamic and noisy resorts near Laganas and Tsilivi. Unusually little accommodation capacity contributes to a calm and relaxed atmosphere, but sunbeds and umbrellas are free. There are no water sports, so fans of active holidays can skip it. It’s a great place for children. There is also a supermarket and a bar nearby.

  • Location: 12 km from Zakynthos, Vassilikos Peninsula
  • Quiet, free deck chairs and parasols

20 Argassi beach

Argassi sandy beach is not among the best beaches in Zakynthos, and its main asset is the proximity to the city center and countless opportunities for entertainment. From water sports to shops, cafes, restaurants, and the offer of accommodation are good.

  • Location: 5 km southeast of the city, Vassilikos Peninsula
  • Busy, large

21 Tsilivi beach

Tsilivi is one of the most popular places in Zakynthos, for everyone’s taste and pocket. The sandy beach is large and there are many activities at your disposal, especially if you are a fan of water sports. This place is popular with young people thanks to the parties on the beach that last until late at night. Tsilivi is full of bars and restaurants, luxury hotels and affordable apartments, nightclubs, and shops.

  • Location: 8 km east of the city
  • Decorated, popular

22 Planos beach

Planos is a beach located in the extension of Tsilivi beach – they are connected by a long road along which there are hotels, rooms for rent, restaurants, and shops. Although it is busy, it is very well maintained and clean, so you will probably like the sandy shore full of parasols and deck chairs.

  • Location: 8 km east of the city
  • Dynamic, popular

23 Amboula beach

The sandy beach of Amboula is good for families with children. Clear water and soft sand will appeal to everyone. It is located between Kato Tragaki and Tsilivia, and parking, a tavern and parasols, and sun loungers are available.

  • Location: 10 km east of the city
  • Small and familial

24 Drosia beach

Drosia is not a real beach but consists of several coastal clearings in bays with beautiful pebbles and clear water. There are several taverns nearby, and tourists often do not even notice them.

  • Location: 12 km east of the city
  • Small bay beaches

25 Alykanas beach

Alykanas beach is popular with tourists thanks to the purity of the blue water and soft sand. On the long beach, you will find numerous attractions and activities for visitors, as well as good accommodation, restaurants, and sports centers. Nearby is Askos Stone, full of wildlife, and in the northern part, there are cruise boats to Navagio beach and ferries that sail to Kefalonia.

  • Location: 16 km from town, east coast
  • Popular, decorated

26 Alykes beach

Alykes Beach is named after the son pits, once the main source of income for residents of a nearby village of the same name. Now, this popular sandy beach is attractive for water sports fans, with a large selection of accommodation, shops, bars, and restaurants. The area where it is located has very important archeological sites that you can visit.

  • Location: 18 km from town, northeast
  • Landscaped, water sports

27 Xigia beach

Xigia is a beach surrounded by greenery and interesting rocks and caves, which give the water a slight sulphurous scent and healing properties: this natural spa center people visit to relieve pain.

The beach itself is full of pebbles, accessible and has a good tavern and a few sunbeds and umbrellas.

  • Location: 20 km from town, northeast coast
  • Healing sulfur water

28 Makris Gialos beach

There are no sunbeds and parasols on the beach of Makris Gialos, no bars, taverns and shops – so not many visitors. Still, it is one of the most beautiful, with a sandy shore and clear water that attracts divers, and there is also a natural spa, Xigi.

From here you can go on a trip to Shipwreck Beach (Navagio) or the Blue Caves.

  • Location: 28 km from town, northeast coast
  • No crowds, pure untouched nature

All beaches on Zakynthos are characterized by natural beauty and clear water. On one of them, you will surely relax and spend your summers in Zakynthos as you wish.

Thanks for reading! Btw, Greece lifts ban on wreck diving, check out here.

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