Pinagbuyutan Island is a popular diving destination.

The Philippines are an extremely popular travel destination

In El Nido, Pinagbuyutan Island is undoubtedly everyone’s favorite. In all of its majesty, the white sand and towering cliffs, which reach heights of 337 meters, will steal your breath away. If you’re a scuba diver on the road, don’t forget to carry your equipment and a camera.

Do you love adventures or your soul keeps telling you to go out in nature and explore? Then go visit some new locations you have never been to. This year, the Philippines are extremely popular. El Nido, for instance, is in the top five destinations for a lot of travelers. You can check out Pinagbuyutan Island, El Nido for important tips.

You can find various activities in the Philippines.

Skipper Charters can take you all over, to see the islands. Snorkeling will relax you and charge your batteries. And scuba diving will give you the ultimate satisfaction on Pinagbuyutan Island. There are many unexplored locations where you can scuba dive and have the most amazing experiences in your journey.

Enjoy planing your vacation

Most of the people these days have busy and fast lives, and not much time for holidays, enjoyment and fun. We all get lost in our imagination of how to seize our days off. For any traveler, the most interesting and inspiring thing is to plan the perfect location for the next trip. Find time for yourself and enjoyment of life.

Traveling scuba diver

For the adventurous soul, scuba diving is in the top five things to do when we are thinking about vacations. Like in every sport or recreation, there are some basic things you need to cover.

We all wondered at some time; What scuba diving gear do you need? How long will you be able to dive with the equipment you have etc.. Find out, what do you need to know if you are a beginner diver.  

Underwater Island adventures

First of all, scuba diving is a great sport but it is not harmless. You can suffer nitrogen narcosis or decompression sickness, you can even drown, but whoever let that stop him? These days you can enjoy scuba diving in almost every known travel location in the world. There are countless diving centers in the world, where you can take diving courses, rent or buy diving gear, and even get your PADI license to be a professional diver. It does not exclude Pinagbuyutan Island either.

Basic gear for scuba diving in the Philippines

  • Diving suit: – It’s not necessary but this is a really great thing to have and wear when you dive.
  • Fins: – They help you to swim easier and faster.
  • Diving mask: – The diving mask provides a more pleasant view underwater.
  • Snorkel: – If you don’t go deep underwater, a snorkel will allow you to breathe.
  • Underwater camera: – Going to such a destination without a camera is unthinkable. It’s important to bring the camera with you. Because diving in such a special place will make you want to remember it forever. And sharing your experience with your loved ones is a positive thing as well.

Advanced gear for scuba diving in the Philippines

  • Diving computer
  • Buoyancy compensator
  • Gloves
  • Knife
  • Regulator

Wearing too much equipment is not recommended. But wearing the necessary and quality diving gear will give you the assurance of longer and safe diving. With the proper gear in your diving bag, your adventure can begin.

Whether your motivation is exploring the coral reefs or searching for old artifacts, treasures, and shipwrecks. Scuba diving in the Philippines will give you an extraordinary experience. 

If you get lucky you may find a lot of valuables underwater. People have found lots of interesting things when scuba diving for a treasure. Such as historical artifacts and gold coins worth millions. Back in 1968. Nicholas Flemming even came across the whole town underwater in Peloponnese, Greece. 

relax island

In a world full of exciting opportunities. Scuba diving gives you the ultimate fun. But also diving is a great exercise. It is the best recreational sport to overcome stress. make your life more fun and break out from your monotony in daily life.

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4 thoughts on “Pinagbuyutan Island is a popular diving destination.”

  1. Love it! I was in El Nido in 2017 where I did discover dive program that got me hooked to the underwater world! Came back to Poland, and did an OWD course and now I have around 50 dives in my logbook. Not stopping anytime soon! πŸ˜€

    1. Awesome ! Keep on diving and posting πŸ˜€ I’ve heard stories from my close friend that a few days ago, somewhere near that exact spot on Pinagbuyutan Island, group of fisherman finds some kind of porcelain skull with snakes around it, allegedly a very old artifact. I got so much inspiration about the destination and the story but I just can’t find any information about that on Google. I hope I get some more information to write about it!

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