Aladin A2 Scubapro

New Scubapro dive computer

Scubapro ALADIN A2

Scubapro presented its new diving computer – Aladdin 2. It is a diving computer great for recreational divers, freedivers, technical divers, but also those who dive with a rebreather.

The Aladdin A2 has a high-resolution hybrid display. Large numbers make it easier to read underwater, even in adverse conditions. In addition, it offers an intuitive menu and simple four-button controls.

The A2 Scubapro diving computer has the option of wireless connectivity with multiple transmitters on the diving bottles, so you can monitor the state of the gas pressure in your diving bottle. You can monitor the status of your colleagues with whom you are wirelessly connected. Thus, the calculation of the remaining time for the dive is much more accurate, and to make the parameters tailored to each individual and even more precise, Scubapro also added a belt to monitor heart rate and body temperature. These parameters are taken into account when calculating the decompression stops and the remaining dive time. So, all data you see on the Scubapro Aladina A2 screen is personalized and accurate.

Scubapro diving computer

The A2 Scubapro diving computer allows you to choose between six diving modes: Scuba, Gauge, Freediving, Trimix, Sidemount, and CCR. Its predictive multi-gas ZH-L16 ADT MB algorithm can work with eight gases (21-100% O2) plus two in CCR mode. The tilt-compensated digital compass allows easy navigation underwater or on the surface. Read more about underwater navigation here.

When the dive is complete, the wireless connection via the Bluetooth LE interface allows you to easily sync with your PC, Mac, Android or iPhone to download data and more.

Interestingly, Scubapro has added some features for dry sports activities. So there is a pedometer and stopwatches. The price for Aladin A2 is $700 USD, which is around 600 euros.

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