Seahorse in Greece

Warning from the Ocean

This photo of a gentle seahorse pulling a protective mask was captured in the waters of northern Greece and has been nominated for the “Ocean Photography Award 2021.”

The photo was captured by Greek photographer Nicholas Samaras and was chosen among 3,500 other submissions for the “Ocean Photography Award 2021.”

Nicholas Samaras is an award-winning photographer and one of the world’s most devoted and passionate underwater photographers, and his well-known statement is: “Maybe today is the day to find that little detail that will make everything special.” This is exactly what Samaras’ seahorse shot has done by bringing much-needed attention to the global issue of marine pollution, which has recently been compounded by the massive amount of medical waste that has unfortunately ended up in the ocean.

Disposable masks and gloves are burying the seafloor, with an estimated 1.6 billion disposable masks entering the water in 2020 alone. And it takes 450 years to decompose.

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