spearfishing basics

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Spearfishing basics

Spearfishing is a centuries-old fishing technique that is still used today all around the world. It is still one of the most popular and environmentally responsible methods of getting fresh and nutritious seafood today, as it does not require the use of firearms or other dangerous equipment that might pollute water. The best part is that it can be a lot of fun!

Is a spearfishing license required in the US?

In most circumstances, a standard fishing license is required to spearfish in the United States. The specific fishing license required varies by state, and other “add-ons” may be required. These “add-ons” could be for different sorts of fish or a specific state location.

Because of the equipment, you’ll be utilizing, you’ll also need a spearfishing license. Spearguns, for example, are subject to several rules and cannot be used without a license.

Furthermore, obtaining a license can help you become more aware of the restrictions that must be followed, ensuring that your spearfishing activities are lawful. When spearfishing, you should follow the requirements for safe and ethical activities.

Why is spearfishing with scuba gear often prohibited?

Spearfishing, like any other activity, attracts criticism from time to time. In many European and Caribbean countries, spearfishing using scuba gear is prohibited, but not in the United States. Let’s look at some of the most commonly mentioned reasons why spearfishing with scuba gear is typically prohibited, which aren’t universal and are hotly discussed.

There are a variety of reasons why spearfishing is prohibited in some parts of the world, one of which is that it is cruel to the prey. One of the main reasons that people go fishing is for the excitement of the hunt. A hunter can stay down for far longer when wearing scuba gear, providing them an unfair advantage over unsuspecting prey. 

In California, the use of powerheads and spearfishing with scuba gear are both prohibited. Recreational spearfishing is only permitted in California. California also imposes plenty of limitations, including Marine Protected Areas, Closed Areas, Protected Species, Size/Bag Limits, and Equipment Restrictions.

Another reason why spearfishing with diving gear is sometimes restricted is that it allows the diver to target the largest and best of a specific species, perhaps resulting in a population decline.

The biggest and best of the group is often sexually mature and should be allowed to breed in the ecosystem. Juveniles, on the other hand, are easy to catch but must be let to grow in order to repopulate.

Is it legal to spear sharks?

It is legal to catch them with a hook and line or a handline, but shooting them with a rifle, shotgun, powerhead, or spear is prohibited. Only hook and line (including Long Line) and handline are allowed for sharks.

Spearfishing is very popular. Many people consider spearfishing to be just another way of catching fish to feed their families. Sharks, angelfish, and any other types of fish should never be exploited for target practice.

Spearfishing basics in under 2 minutes

Is spearfishing difficult?

Spearfishing is both demanding and thrilling, but all spearos should be aware that it can also be a deadly activity if you don’t take the appropriate measures. Before, during, and even after each dive, remember to keep safety in mind. 

“Spearfishing is difficult since we are completely out of our element in the ocean as humans.” “It’s not going to be very productive if you toss a human in the water and tell them to go capture a fish,” says Ryan Moore, a local “spearo” from San Clemente.

Improve Your Breath Hold

As you gain more experience diving and spearfishing, it is beneficial to teach yourself to hold your breath underwater for longer than the standard three minutes (for experienced freedivers).

Wearing layers under your wetsuit, swimming softly, and using good fins are all examples of energy-saving strategies. You’ll be able to stay on the reef for longer and capture more fish after you’ve mastered breathing techniques.

Thank you for reading! Check out spearfishing rules that save your life here.

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