A drunken crew nearly stranded a cargo ship

A drunken crew nearly stranded a cargo ship

The Russian cargo ship Ruslana nearly ran aground off the Polish coast in the Baltic Sea on Saturday. But not because of a mechanical issue, but rather as an intoxicated crew. The vehicle was eventually anchored, and it’s unknown whether the crew will face any consequences at this time.

Ruslan’s bulk carrier was sailing from Lithuania to Gdansk when it swerved off course and headed at high speed towards the Polish coast and the island of Sobieszewski. Despite panic signals from the coast and many calls, the crew of the Ruslana did not reply, according to the Polish portal Morski.

About a kilometer from the shore and a few hundred meters from the shallow water, the ship makes a quick turn and sails away from the land. The Polish border police then pursue the Russian cargo ship, search the crew, and conduct alcohol tests on them. The captain had a high level of alcohol in his blood, while his assistants were even more intoxicated. They’re all Russian citizens.

It’s unclear whether the Russian cargo ship’s drunken crew was saved from running aground by warnings from the shore or whether they understood the seriousness of the situation and avoided the disaster at the last minute. In any case, the ship was anchored in the port of Gdansk shortly after the incident, and it’s unknown whether the crew would face disciplinary or criminal penalties. The Russian side has yet to comment on the incident.

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