DAN – Donations for injured divers

The world’s most recognized and respected diving safety organization, the Divers Alert Network (DAN) has been dedicated to the safety and well-being of divers for 40 years.

DAN begins its end-of-year donation campaign every year to ensure that injured divers receive the care they require. The safety organization is seeking tax-deductible donations to help injured divers receive comprehensive medical care. Donors who donate more than 90 euros between November 1, 2021, and January 31, 2022, will get a limited-edition “Helping Divers Since 1980” T-shirt.

DAN’s first aid and oxygen training programs prepare recreational and professional divers all over the world to respond promptly and efficiently to wounded divers in the case of an emergency.

DAN’s medical education courses also assist doctors and other health professionals with using their skills and knowledge to heal injured divers.

DAN has delivered real-time emergency assistance in tens of thousands of diver incidents since its founding in 1980, and from its experience, it has developed the most effective ways and strategies to assist divers. “There are many chances to improve the care of injured divers from the dive site to the ambulance and the recompression chamber,” said DAN President and CEO Bill Ziefle. “DAN understands this and is working to improve the results at each of these contact points.”

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