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Aquarium diving jobs are typically exciting and well-paying jobs that may be found in water parks. The annual average salary for this sort of employment is $40.000.

However, in certain businesses, it reaches far beyond. Aquarium diving jobs are relaxing and enjoyable to do. You are mostly in a playful atmosphere that youngsters enjoy. Show divers would occasionally dress up as mermaids, Santa, or other characters when performing for the audience, much to the delight of the children and other spectators.

Here are some of the most recognized and common jobs you can do as a scuba diver in an aquarium park.

Show diver jobs in aquarium water parks

Show diver performs one-hour energetic, instructive, and fun diving shows for guests of water parks. Here, you often assist colleagues and staff in maintaining the tank and feeding the animals. You will take part and dive in both daily and evening underwater educational programs. Perform scientific dive duties in exhibits, and assist with coordinating dive volunteers.

To be a show diver you need to have Open Water scuba certification and First Aid/CPR certified.

Aquarium diver maintainer

You can apply for this kind of aquarium diving job in some water parks near you. In this position, you have daily care of exhibits and aquarium life support. You feed and take care of animals in exhibits. Sometimes you will need to dive into an aquarium in order to complete your task.

You need to have an Open Water Certification or higher. Find more about scuba diving certification here.

Shark Aquarium Cleaner in water parks

Cleaning windows in some aquarium water parks is not among the most sought-after occupations. Still, add one of the most dangerous animals to this story, a bunch of people watching you with diving gear on your back. You’ll get an exciting and somewhat dangerous job.

The Aquarist Supervisor / Guide diver jobs

For this job position in a water park, you will lead by example of various human qualities such as patience, respect, kindness, forgiveness, honesty, and dedication in interacting with one another as well as guests. You will participate in all daily aspects of programs and you must have positive interactions with the guests of the facility where you work. Also, adhere to strict security protocols. Here, you will be an important role in exhibit cleanliness and record keeping. You must have a good understanding of the underwater conditions, precautions, animals, and procedures that apply the highest safety standards. You will take care of the divers, their safety, maintaining all scuba diving gear and safety equipment. In this type of job, it will be expected of you to research and suggest the upgrades to managers. Interacts with and responds to public/media requests. Participates in education, public relations, and other VIP programs.

To be a guide diver in some water park facilities, you need to have a minimum of an associates’ degree in related fields. Have a  Rescue Diver certification, driver’s license with a clean record, and First Aid/CPR certification.

Dolphin Trainer – Diver jobs in water parks

Dolphins in pool water parks jobs
Dolphins in pool

This job is also related to aquarium diving jobs and covers daily care as well as behavioral conditioning of the Dolphins in water parks. The primary goals and responsibilities are to play a major role in running daily shows, guest interactions, and other programs as needed. Here you will also keep an eye on the dolphin’s diet, enrichment environment, facility maintenance, observe and keep a journal of dolphins behavior, and more.

It is interesting to add that with this type of work and experience you can also train US military dolphins searching the seabed for explosives.

You need to have a four-year degree in biology or a related field and experience with aquatic animal husbandry and training. As well as scuba diving certification.

Dubai Mall Aquarium water park

Dubai Aquarium water park jobs
Dubai Aquarium

Aquarium Mall in Dubai (2, 64 million gallons) is one of the largest shopping centers in the world. It is part of the $ 20 billion Burj Dubai complex in Dubai. The centerpiece of the mall is a giant aquarium tank, with the capacity to hold 10 million liters of water (2.64 million gallons). The aquarium has more than 33,000 live animals, including more than 400 sharks. It officially earned the Guinness World Record for “the largest acrylic panel in the world.” The panel measures 8, 3 x 32, 88 meters (27 x 108 feet) and is 75 centimeters (30 inches) thick, and is superior to Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. In February 2010, a tank filled with seabirds burst out, leading to the evacuation and brief closure of the mall.

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Underwater Zoo and Aquarium provide another reason to visit this spectacular world of luxury brands and high fashion. One of the best places to visit with children. Aquarium and Underwater Zoo in Dubai have three major sections that offer unlimited sea exploration through unique experiences.

Aquarium tank with sharks in Dubai

Home to 140 species of thousands of interesting aquatic animals is a fantastic tank among the largest aquariums in the world. This fascinating world is inhabited by sharks and countless other living marine creatures that will make children scream with delight. The tank also boasts the largest collection of tiger sharks in the world.

Georgia aquarium diving with sharks

Aquarium Georgia Whale Shark water parks jobs
Aquarium Georgia Whale Shark

If marine life is something that makes you feel excited, then Georgia Aquarium is the perfect place for you to visit. This is one of the largest aquariums in the world which contains over 100,000 aquatic creatures. This aquarium also houses whale sharks. It doesn’t end here, you can see albino alligators and even interact with California sea lions. This Georgia aquarium can please your thirst for adventure.

One of the unique facilities this Atlanta aquarium offers is the ability to scuba dive. You can dive inside the tank, and have an amazing experience while sharks follow and swim beside you. All you need is a scuba diving certificate to take part in. If you are not among those who will get wet, the aquarium also has an acrylic tunnel through which you can walk peacefully and have a festive view of the underwater world.

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