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Malta grants 100€ to their citizens and 200€ to tourists

Valletta – Following the emergency situation created by the coronavirus pandemic, the government of Malta declared that they would spend 50 million euros to grant vouchers worth 100 euros to any person over the age of 16 in order to promote consumption.

At a press conference, Maltese Prime Minister Robert Abela said, “This is a measure that will affect everybody, companies, households, and workers.”

Minister of the Economy Silvio Schembri stated that vouchers worth 60 euros can be used in restaurants and tourist attractions, whereas vouchers worth 40 euros can be used in supermarkets and for other services.

According to Reuters, about 25,000 businesses are able to receive payment through vouchers.

Malta, which is an excellent diving destination, is also attempting to encourage more tourist visits and spending. Last month, they announced they would pay tourists up to 200 euros if they stayed on the island for at least three days. The amount given to tourists is dictated by the hotel where they are staying.

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