Mares photo marathon

Mares underwater photo marathon 2021.

This year is the ninth year of the Mares underwater photo marathon. This online photo contest will bring together lovers of the sea and the underwater world with underwater videos and photos from around the world.

Each year, this challenge brings something different to the table. So, along with underwater photography enthusiasts, we hope that those who like underwater videos will also find their inspiration this time. The online competition alone runs until mid-May and takes place in six photo categories:

  • Ambient photography with or without a model
  • Macro photography
  • Fish model photography
  • Caves and Caverns
  • Fashion or creative photography
  • Wrecks and one video category

The jury

Wolfgang Poelzer (Austria), Francesco Pacienza (Italy), Noam Kortler (Israel), Franco Banfi (Switzerland), Goran Butajla (Croatia), and Damir Zurub (Director of UWPM, Croatia) will judge the photographs. While Nuno Sa and Pedro Vasconselos (Portugal) and Matthias Lebo (Germany) will judge the film (Switzerland).

We’re hoping for a lot of high-quality photographs and videos this year as well. Applications for the MARES UWPM competition can be found on the Mares UWPM official website, and for more information, contact

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