Chumming flag

Chumming flag

Many objects, phenomena, or movements at sea are identified by a specific flag. So we’re all familiar with the diving flag, but there are several other flags that we should be aware of.

Yellow and blue were selected for the Chumming flag because they are nautical flag colors that attract attention at sea. The top left bottom right pictographic diagonal pattern is simple to recognize and can be seen from a distance.

It is a flag that came into use at sea in 1997 and means a ship that actively lures sharks. It arose in response to several accidents in which sharks attacked divers, swimmers, and surfers who were at sea right in the area where the sharks were lured by food from the boat.

As a result, this flag indicates places where there might be more sharks attracted to fish, necessitating extreme caution when approaching the water.

Of course, luring sharks by throwing food that draws them into the sea is not allowed everywhere. But in places where it is allowed, boats that lure sharks and throw food for them into the sea must be marked with this flag. This is a warning to divers, swimmers, or surfers that there are probably more sharks attracted to food or blood in the sea around the ship. In reality, we know that sharks can quickly substitute humans with food and target us during the feeding period.

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