Greenprene® instead of Neoprene

Henderson proudly presented a line of wet diving suits made of a novel material that has better qualities than neoprene and is more environmentally friendly.

Greenprene® is a warm, extremely stretchy, and very durable insulating foam with exceptional UV protection. It is also significantly lighter than the neoprene used to make wet diving suits. Greenprene is a neoprene-free insulating foam that is fully recyclable. It has been evaluated and authorized as a USDA product on a biological basis by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Bio Preferred.

Greenprene® suits provide more freedom of movement than neoprene suits while being warmer and more comfortable even in the harshest conditions. The recycled AQUA-SILK™ van cloth outer laminate was chosen for its durability, wear resistance, and quick-drying advantages. The fabric is made of 88% recycled polyester and 12% spandex. The inner layer of the suit is made of BIO-SPAN ™ fabric, which is much more comfortable and flexible than neoprene and provides superior thermal protection. The inside layer of the suit is made up of 88 percent recycled polyester and 12 percent nylon.

The entire Greenprene® suit range is designed to ensure a fully sustainable product life cycle. Greenprene® suits are packaged and shipped in recycled cardboard boxes, and each suit is hand-wrapped in recycled paper.
Greenprene® suits are packaged in recycled cardboard boxes

Some people are allergic to neoprene, so Henderson relies on them as customers for Greenprene® suits. To ensure that the Greenprene® suit will not cause a reaction, simply contact them ( and they will send you a cuff made of Greenprena® that can be worn on the hand and determine if that material suits you.

Henderson now provides a model for men and a model for women in three, five, or seven millimeters in thickness and in all ready-to-wear sizes. The Greenprene® suit is still somewhat more expensive than a neoprene diving suit, thus a seven-millimeter Greenprene® suit costs about 410 euros.

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