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Cyprus invests in diving tourism

A port built on the south coast of Cyprus about 2400 years ago is turning into an underwater tourist attraction.

Cyprus has been heavily investing in diving tourism for years and has developed itself as a serious diving hotspot. Entrepreneurs quickly realized that scuba diving is a lucrative kind of tourism, so they embraced the opportunity to encourage divers to visit Cyprus.

A short analysis of Malta and its achievements, helped Cypriot business people to easily determine what is worth investing in. Due to diving tourism, Malta has seen a substantial increase in visitors over the previous fifteen years. They sank a number of their old ships and turned them into diving sites. As a result of this move, the number of traveling divers has increased dramatically. And now, diving tourism accounts for more than a quarter of their entire tourist earnings.

Cyprus has chosen to recreate its ancient ruins near the port of Amathus into the island’s first underwater archeological park. In order to avoid mass tourism during the COVID-19 pandemic, authorities are “banking” on diving tourism as an appealing, socially acceptable, and responsible branch of tourism. They also highlight the ecological element of diving tourism. Stating that divers are generally environmentally conscious guests who are also excellent customers, thus traveling divers are the best fit for them. Divers recently cleaned and designated underwater paths in the underwater archeological site, and the Cypriot fisheries department has worked for years to safeguard underwater flora and fauna to guarantee that native flora and fauna are not harmed.

This project is part of a program called ANDIKAT. Co-financed by the European Union, Greece, and Cyprus, and aims to promote the archaeological heritage of the countries through a network of diving trails.

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