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Five Amazing Underwater Finds

Five truly amazing underwater finds

Through time, people have found a lot of valuables underwater. Values up to as much as $ 1 million. When you thinking about the underwater world. You are probably thinking about beautiful and blue, crystal clear ocean. Full of lively creatures, corals, or some yet unexplored locations. We always imagine finding something like these five amazing valuables on our next dive adventure.


But this is not the only thing scuba divers love to talk about. There are countless lost treasures, long lost in the past which are waiting to be found. Maybe even you find some sunken treasure next time you dive. And make a list of your own five amazing underwater finds.

People have found some really unbelievable treasures in water, from abandoned safe to gold coins thousands of years old. Let’s get some inspiration for our next diving trip and check five amazing scuba diving finds emerged in the near past.

1. – Gold coins worth $1 million in sunken treasure, Florida

This lucky guy finds about $1 million dollars worth in golden coins off the Florida coast. There were around 50 golden coins when he unplanned came across them. A situation like this really can change your perspective of diving.

2. – Shipwreck in Mexico

This was an expedition in the Gulf of Mexico. Before this find, there were never before seen or found any shipwreck in earlier history. This one was assuming it’s from the early to mid 19th century. There was no submerged treasure in this wreck, but the shipwreck itself is an amazing find.

3. – Famous YouTuber found a rifle while scuba diving

This is a famous scuba diver and YouTuber called DALLMYD. One of his many unbelievable finds is this rifle which looks quite old and it’s a really astonishing underwater find. He has found a lot of working phones, jewelry, and other valuables that people lost. Dallmyd is famous for bringing back values to people. No matter how much they are worth.

Dallmyd real name is Jake Koehler. He is one of the most famous divers on Youtube whose views on YouTube reach 100,000,000 and have more than 9.6m subscribers. Dallmyd net worth is 3.4 million dollars in January of 2020.

4. – Golden ring with real diamonds found with the underwater metal detector

When comes to diving for treasure, a metal detector should be the first thing on your list to bring along with you. This guy Robert Ferguson also scuba-diving famous Youtuber. Found a beautiful golden ring with real diamonds and the whole pile of gold jewelry with his metal detector.

5. – Underwater town in Greece found by a scuba diver

Imagine to find the whole entire city underwater, this happened in 1968. to Nicholas Flemming. After he came across this underwater town. He decides to go back there with a team of archaeologists from Cambridge. They map the city based in Peloponnese, Greece off the coast of southern Laconia.


The next time you go diving, be sure to bring your camera. Maybe you will be the lucky one to find some very valuable thing or object. If this happens to you, be sure to share your story and location with fellow divers.

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