Diving computer – S1

Oceans.IO announced that they had delivered the first example of an S1 dive computer to customers.

Oceans S1 Diving computer is the first commercial dive computer with the ability to send and receive messages to other computers underwater. S1 has a communication range of 15 to 20 meters underwater. This small device has an ultrasonic signal transmission. It has the ability to “ping” up to eight divers previously inserted into memory.

Diving computer S1

Like many other diving computers, the S1 has a 3D compass for underwater navigation. It has the ability to charge wirelessly, wireless data synchronization via Bluetooth, and all other functions important to scuba divers.

The device measures 60x60x20 millimetres and weighs 95 grams. The color LED display is 2.2 inches in size, and the algorithm it uses is the famous Buhlmann ZHL-16C. It is suitable for diving with air and nitrox, and it also has a scuba diving mode and has the ability to enter altitude. The maximum diving depth is 100 meters.

S1 diving computer

Interestingly, it also has the ability to switch to night mode underwater while changing the brightness and color of the markings on the screen to reduce the impact on the diver’s night vision.

For more details visit the Oceans S1 official website.

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