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Have you ever scuba dive for a lost treasure?

Scuba diving for a lost treasure

Scuba diving on your vacation is an opportunity you shouldn’t miss. Imagine for a moment that you find some lost treasure while you scuba dive on vacation. Or to find something extraordinary and very expensive. Would you become a treasure hunter or would scuba diving remain your fun hobby?

Not everyone is aware of the fact that a lot of people have found expensive and rare things while scuba diving. Some even found an item worth their annual salary in one dive.

People take up scuba diving due to different reasons. Some may be looking for treasure. Some people are diving to explore underwater wildlife. Others may find diving as a great hobby or challenge to themselves. No matter what motivated you to dive, here are some tips you need to know about diving for sunken valuables.

When you scuba dive for treasure, you may stumble on cool items and even long lost artifacts. Some people have found amazing treasures and they have ended up making millions out of it. If you planning to scuba dive for a sunken treasure, you will need an underwater metal detector and a good diving bag to store your finds. Here are some interesting items people find while scuba diving.

Scuba diving for a lost gold treasure

It’s believed and proven that the oceans have a lot of treasures lying around. A lot of scuba divers have found gold worth millions. You can also find some gold nuggets while you scuba dive. If you are lucky enough to dive into the right place. From nature, you can find gold nuggets around rocks where the flow of water is faster. Lost gold like rings, necklaces, and other gold jewelry is easiest to find in places where there were many people. Also in the immediate vicinity.

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Scuba diving for a lost silver treasure

Like gold, silver is also abundant in nature. Divers reported finding a lot of silver treasure in rivers and oceans. Most of the finds were jewelry like silver rings, necklaces and similar. When scuba diving, you’re likely to run into some silver.

Scuba diving for historical artifacts 

Some of the most fascinating artifacts have been found underwater. Sculptures like the Egyptian gods are a very significant historical finds discovered by divers.

Scuba diving for a shipwreck

A dream of every scuba diver seeking the lost treasure is to discover a shipwreck. Because most of the treasures carried by the ships may still be available and found. A lot of valuables are lost in the water every day. In addition to material gain, people are entertained by diving for lost value and returning it to their owners.

scuba diving for treasure

Practice diving in a pool

First of all, you should be comfortable in the water. Before you decide to take a diving course, you must pass several tests. This is why you need to exercise to be more relaxed in the water. Practice various diving techniques before you start diving on your own and search for lost treasures.

Pick a good location for scuba dive and lost treasure hunt

Choose a nice location you want to visit and research if there is a place suitable for some adventures. People predominantly mark places that are suitable for scuba dive and searching for lost treasure. You can find local dive centers and stores in the area as well. Dive centers and shops allow you to buy or rent the gear you need. Or even get your scuba diving certification. Make sure you have some knowledge and skills before you attempt to scuba dive alone.

Be aware of the dangers that scuba diving brings with

Drowning – Apart from some unforeseen disasters, drowning occurs when a diver panics or becomes unconscious due to other health problems not related to diving. Proper training before diving is all you need to avoid this. Also, ensure that doctors examine you before you dive.

Decompression sickness or DCS

Caused when you breathe from the diving tank. Dissolved nitrogen from pressured air causes bubbles in the bloodstream and lungs. DCS can be dangerous if you skydive after scuba diving. This condition is treatable and has no dangers if you don’t cross 1000ft or 300 meters above sea level for at least 12 hours after scuba diving. Avoid this by following all the laid divers instructions.

How to avoid nitrogen narcosis while scuba diving

Nitrogen narcosis is when divers feel like a drunk when at depth. This condition is not damaging but it leads to temporary misjudging. At that moment you feel strong and superior. You have no fear and you have a feeling that you can achieve much more than you can actually do. Learn to recognize those feelings as it can give you a false sense of security and put you in unwanted situations. Don’t dive below 60 feet to avoid this.

Scuba diving is a great activity for the body, mind, and soul. An excellent recreational sport that will bring you awesome experiences and even good gaining.

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