Deep dive Dubai – the deepest pool in the world

Dubai is a famous tourist and business center built in the desert- It has become famous precisely for its extravagant attractions such as the tallest building in the world. Also the largest luxury shopping center in the world. Closed ski slopes in a desert town with extremely high air temperatures and so on.

It’s no surprise, therefore, that Dubai just opened the world’s deepest diving pool. The pool, which is the equivalent of six Olympic pools, is 60 meters deep, breaking the previous record of 45 meters set by the Polish Deepspot. We wrote about Deepspot recently, check out here.

Deep Dive Dubai is at least four times larger than any other diving pool in the world, with 14 million gallons of freshwater. Guinness named him the “Deepest Diving Pool” in the world.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai’s heir to the throne, is an enthusiastic diver who was one of the pool’s first visitors and shared his experience on social media.

The temperature of the water in the pool is constantly 30 degrees Celsius. Visitors most often dive in a bathing suit. The pool has a lot of unique features, and it’s worth noting that it’s housed in a 1,500 square meter building in the shape of an oyster. In the United Arab Emirates, the oyster is the ancient symbol of pearl divers.

The underwater metropolis is certainly the star of Dubai’s Deep Dive. Divers can investigate “abandoned” underwater structures and apartments. However, you may also play certain underwater arcade games. State-of-the-art lighting and sound equipment are installed within the pool to create a variety of atmospheres. The safety of the divers in the pool is monitored by 56 cameras. The complex additionally includes a sophisticated hyperbaric chamber.

The diving facility also features a cafĂ© with huge windows and TV screens so non-divers may observe the divers in the pool. Dive courses are also available at Deep Dive Dubai. Another noteworthy feature of this pool is the warning posted on the Deep Dive Dubai website, which cautions divers not to visit the top of Dubai’s famous Burj Khalifa tower after diving. We all know that we should not go more than 300 meters uphight, 18 to 24 hours after diving!

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