DEEPSPOT In Poland – Amazingly deep pool

Despite the pandemic, the Poles opened the ‘Deepspot’, which is currently the deepest diving pool in the world.

Deepspot is located near Warsaw, and in the pool are many artificial underwater caves and ruins that mimic the Mayan ones. It is very interesting that there is a wreck for research at the very bottom of the pool. The deepspot is 45.5 meters deep and contains about 8000 cubic meters of water.


By the way, Deepspot can work and receive divers even during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because it is categorized as a diving center where diving courses are held. The construction of a hotel is also planned in the complex. The plan says hotel guests will be able to watch divers in the depths of the pool from their rooms.

But according to announcements coming from the UK, Deepspot won’t hold the title of the deepest pool in the world for long. Namely, in the United Kingdom, they intend to put into operation the “Blue Abyss” pool, which is 50 meters deep, next year.

Check out their official website – Deepspot

The description of their base states that it is the deepest multi-zone simulator of diving conditions. And right now all over the world.

Deepspot tunnel

The complex also consists of a glass tunnel. Through this tunnel, you can watch diving lovers explore. If you have not yet decided whether to start diving, this atmosphere will definitely make you feel inspired and want to dive.

Hotel, restaurant, conference rooms in Deepspot

In addition to the currently deepest pool in the world, wreck, and tunnel, there is also a restaurant and conference rooms at the hotel. We can see that the restaurant is excellent, the meeting rooms are spacious. The hotel is underwater and everything gives us the impression of very interesting content provided by Deepspot.

Diving courses in Deepspot

If you find yourself near or better in Poland, you can start your diving adventure right here. Deepspot boasts excellent diving instructors, the best new and quality diving equipment, and clean warm water. Check them out.

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