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World-renowned Underwater Photo & Film Academy goes global!

Internationally acclaimed, award-winning Underwater Photographers & Filmmakers go *LIVE* online to empower and inspire

In a harmonious space where people can connect, unite, create, pursue a passion and begin a dream, the Liquid Motion® Underwater Photo & Film Academy has brought forwards its June launch date for Online Courses, making its internationally acclaimed, award-winning Filmmakers, Photographers and Artists available personally, to provide training, instruction and inspiration live, person to person, one-to-one!

A revolutionary learning experience

Globally renowned for the success of its customized courses and a guaranteed fast-track route to the top, the prestigious Underwater Photo & Film Academy has an approach to learning that is unique in the world. 

Focusing on the art and nuances of underwater imaging as can only be shared by 30 years world-leading industry mentors, courses provide more than the usual ‘technique without context’ which students master, yet can learn in other places.  Instead, learning curves shoot up, as guests discover how to emotionally charge their images to impact people, making them feel like they have been transported to a different time and space. 

“I chose Liquid Motion Academy over The L.A. Film School because I wanted to learn more than just Filmmaking; I wanted to learn the art of film – stories, creation with freedom, how to portray emotion, how to make a difference,” says global Entrepreneur Karan Saini. “It was a life-changing experience and it’s incredible how much I learned in such a short time!”.

Acclaimed, award-winning Underwater Imaging Experts provide powerful courses to just one guest at a time.  All courses are private, customized, and tailored to each student’s experience and goals, providing the opportunity to explore distinctions in underwater imaging that are not offered anywhere else.  

Ph.D., Professor, Emeritus Associate Vice President for Undergraduate Education Jeremy Cohen says “Liquid Motion provides truly enlightened teaching, that raises the bar in underwater photography instruction.  There is simply no substitute for one-on-one personalized instruction delivered hands-on by a master”.

Alumni have gone on to become some of the leading Underwater Cinematographers, Photographers & Filmmakers in the world. 

“Ever since I first saw BBC the Blue Planet, I wanted to be that guy who got the beautiful underwater footage,” says Alumni & Filmmaker Daniel Due Jensen.  “Guy instantly saw what I needed and took me from a novice to a pro getting consistently beautiful underwater shots”

GATES Underwater Products Owner & CEO John Ellerbrook says “Guy and Anitas decades of real-world experience create a practical and powerful learning crucible for the aspiring underwater cameramen and working professional alike.  Think “one-on-one Tailored Master Class. You learn more than just an underwater camera technique, you learn how to succeed in the industry”.

During these challenging times, online courses provide a way for people to focus, learn, evolve, and create, which brings inner calm, harmony, and peace.  “We want to use this time to share all our knowledge, give people the expertise to make awesome photos and films and take them to a level where they keep progressing in their craft for the rest of their lives” says Liquid Motion’s award-winning Filmmaker Anita Chaumette, whose work has appeared in magazines and leading TV channels around the globe. 

Online Courses in Underwater Imaging are available ‘live’ from today, downloadable from May.  As a limited time offer, all courses booked before April 30 will receive a 20% discount AND a free copy of Liquid Motions National geographic exclusive “Water Colours” Series.

*Exclusive: Liquid Motion® is about to launch a series of *free* Underwater Cinematography, Photography & Filmmaking tutorials online!  “Subscribe” to their Youtube Channel to receive free transformational material directly to your home – https://www.youtube.com/user/LiquidMotionFilm/videos


LIQUID MOTION® is a group of internationally acclaimed, multi-faceted film, photography, art and broadcast media companies that specialize in underwater and wet work.  Founded and created by globally-renowned, award-winning pioneers Guy and Anita Chaumette, the entrepreneurial team has garnered over 100 prestigious awards for their work in global television, advertising, cinema and commercials and have been communicating to nations and generations through the image for decades. 

Liquid Motion® https://www.liquidmotion.org

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