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Lesser known places are fantastic, here’s why!

Why is it awesome to visit a lesser-known tourist destination?

Our world is filled with beautiful places with a variety of unique areas and tourist offers. Locations like Culebra in Puerto Rico, or Honolulu in Hawaii are wonderful and known to the vast majority of people. But why is it so intriguing to visit some new and lesser-known tourist areas? Stay tuned to find out.

Despite the fact that we enjoy writing about scuba diving and diving experiences. It’s wonderful to bring up the topic of travel as well. Since scuba diving trips are incomplete without travel.

Traveling to a lesser-known tourist destination is ideal for this cause. To do something different. Such places frequently have their own tourist attractions and events. However, not everything in the area is set up for tourists. Visiting less known tourist destinations that are not in the spotlight can be an incredibly good experience. In such places, you will not run into other foreigners behind every corner.

For that reason, you will be able to truly get to know the place. Get closer to local people and learn more about their way of living. You can hear first-person unique stories about their life, architecture, and unique locations. And there is always the opportunity to hear some inspiring stories from local people who spent their childhood, youth, and life there. Stories unique to only that place. This kind of traveling will certainly expand your knowledge in a positive sense. Such an experience will always create a more honest and better picture of living there.

Kotor, Montenegro; a lesser-known but excellent destination

Visit less known tourist area; Kotor, Montenegro
Kotor, Montenegro

The one really wonderful and famous place is Kotor in Montenegro. If you love Europe, you’ve probably heard of Montenegro. But this place is still a less known tourist spot for most of the world’s population. Although it offers an incredibly wide range of activities for tourists. Montenegro is a small country with a very large and far-reaching history. There you will come across many buildings that were built centuries ago. Local people will proudly tell you stories about their heroic history. Which are truly amazing, interesting, and worth listening to. Montenegro is a place where you can meet beautiful and healthy people. Observe wild horses running free in nature. And see buildings hundreds and even thousands of years old. Still preserved and maintained with good care.

Lake Como, Italy  

Visit less known tourist area; Lake Como, Italy
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What more to say about this place than Wow! This place is indeed phenomenal and less known to tourists, intentionally. If you are wondering why, the answer is because this place exudes beauty, cleanliness, and living comfort. A place where almost every individual would love to build a home. Villa Oleandra in Laglio is a very famous summer home of George Clooney on Como Lake. However, he is not the only one, many prominent and wealthy people have made their home there. Como Lake in Italy has been a popular haven for aristocrats and wealthy people since Roman times. If you visit this place, observe and enjoy this grandiose nature and one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. On Como Lake, you can sail, windsurf as well as to kitesurf. Visit gallant restaurants, eat delicious food and set eyes on beautiful villas like Villa Carlotta.

Meteora, Greece; another great but less known traveling area

Visit less known tourist area; Meteora, Greece

This site is not at all related to diving or some popular urban tourism. Nothing to do with swimming, beaches, cocktails and the like. Then why do we mention Meteora? This is one very unique and prominent area where complexes of Eastern Orthodox monasteries were built high in the rocks. The most famous is the Holy Trinity Monastery. Meteora is by criteria listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Another attraction of the site is Theopetra Cave. It is located 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) from Kalambaka. From the archeological side, it is very unique because it contains records of two significant cultural transitions of human civilization. It is interesting to note that in 1981, The Holy Trinity Monastery was the location of making the James Bond movie “For Your Eyes Only” as well as many others.

Stari Grad, Hvar – Croatia

Visit less known tourist area; Hvar, Stari Grad

We recently wrote about this place in more detail. You can read our story on why visit Croatia here. The island of Hvar in Croatia is an incredibly beautiful place that hosts one of the oldest inhabited places in Europe. Stari Grad in translation; The Old Town, dates to the settlement of 384 BC. Stari Grad is also known as Faros. It is believed that this town was founded by Greek settlers from the island of Paros.

This unique place in Croatia exudes beautiful antique architecture. Fertile land that produces superior olives and aromatic herbs like lavender. Adriatic crystal clear turquoise water and poorly explored marine sites, it is an ideal location for traveling divers. Beaches with springs at the entrance like “Maslinica” beach. Quiet narrow streets, filled with flowers and old squares, give this place a unique tourist attraction. Still undeveloped tourism and unknown to most foreigners. Therefore, Stari Grad on the island of Hvar is ideal for mentioning here as a less known but great tourist area to visit.

Traveling to less known places for the majority of people is always a unique and memorable experience. Today’s most popular destinations were once completely unknown places. Traveling to such locations gives you the opportunity to discover something new and even become recognized as a travel writer, blogger or traveling diver. Many travel writers and scuba divers have found amazing locations. Like Nicholas Flemming when he found an underwater town in Peloponnese, Greece. Or when professional underwater photographer Victor Lyagushkin, made unseen underwater photos deep in the Orda Cave in Russia.

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