Drift scuba diving

What is drift diving and how to do it?

What does drift dive mean? 

Drift diving is a very fun and relaxing way to scuba dive. the situation when you let a river or sea current, most often caused by tides, move you through the water. While you drift dive, you mostly go through a lot more space underwater. This is not usual for basic scuba diving under normal conditions. Riding the current, you will see a lot more underwater formations, such as coral reefs and underwater wildlife.

How to drift dive, safely and enjoyably?

For drift scuba diving, it is advisable to have some diving experience and diving partners. The water current can pull you uncontrollably, and you need to know how to use it to your advantage. It’s not as difficult or dangerous as it may sound. In case of separation from your diving partners, take one minute to survey the environment for your diving partners. In case you do not see anyone, emerge to the surface and head for the boat or starting position. It’s a common procedure that everyone should follow for security. 

What are the advantages of drift diving?

Water currents are a natural force that can disorient you while diving. You can use it as the perfect underwater asset. This is your advantage for a smooth and relaxing drift diving experience. Scuba diving in calm and shallow waters will not give you this experience. But when you move to a larger lake, ocean, or river, you can expect the water current to pull you both mildly and violently. There, you can take advantage of it and go with the flow. When you drift dive, you can completely relax and observe your surroundings. Your underwater adventure will give you the feeling of flying.

Have a thorough inspection of the diving equipment

It goes without saying that your drift diving equipment should always be in excellent condition. Yet, if something unplanned happens to you, you should always consider it.  It is a far greater challenge to get out of that situation than when you are scuba diving under normal circumstances. If you have the plan to drift scuba dive, do more than a standard check for your diving equipment and safety. Everything must be correct and reliable for unforeseen situations. 

Why should you be streamlined while diving?

Less experienced drift divers will instinctively consume much more energy and air, trying to go with the current and actually drift dive. For this reason, you should master avoiding unnecessary waste of air and energy and streamlining your gear. This way, you will be able to have a long drift dive. The rule of thirds should be used. Also, adjusted weight and distribution will give you better control of the water. 

Take care of your safety when you drift dive

You should always carry a reef hook for drift diving, and never fight the current while you dive. As for the use of the hook, they are not allowed in some places, while some locations require it. Ask your guide or colleagues about the rules of the reef hook in your location. A diving hook can help you get in position and take a break from the strong water current. You should also always be careful not to damage the corals while you are hooking. 

As far as fighting the current while drift diving, you should always work with it, rather than against it. The current is strongest in open water. The closer you are to the rocks or the bottom, the weaker and slower the movement is. If you or someone in your group is moving too far forward. The best option is to find a bigger rock and wait for the rest of the team in the stillness of the water.

Conserve strength and energy. Stay calm at all times. Panic can lead to poor air supply, and you may find yourself in a difficult situation. Dive smart and enjoy drift scuba diving.

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