Explore Egypt's New Underwater Adventure

Explore Egypt’s New Underwater Adventure

Egypt’s commitment to safeguarding its coral reefs has led to an innovative approach: the intentional sinking of military equipment to alleviate the strain caused by the increasing number of divers. The unveiling of a new underwater museum, complete with submerged military vehicles, has sparked excitement among divers. This collaborative effort between local authorities and the Egyptian Ministry of Environment introduces three captivating dive sites near Hurghada.

Explore Egypt's New Underwater Adventure

Exploring the Submerged Military Museum

The first of its kind, the submerged military museum in Hurghada promises to attract a myriad of divers. Scientists anticipate the emergence of new coral reefs on the sunken tanks and other military gear near Hurghada. The natural progression will see schools of fish colonizing the sunken vehicles, followed by algae and other smaller organisms. Within a year, soft corals will begin to form on the surface of the military equipment, evolving into larger corals within five to six years. This approach, proven successful in other parts of the world, holds the potential to enhance the sustainability of Egypt’s Red Sea.

Explore Egypt's New Underwater Adventure

Beneath the Waves: Tanks Await Submersion

The primary objective of this initiative is to divert divers away from the heavily visited coral reefs of Hurghada, which have suffered from decades of mass diving tourism. By transforming old military equipment, including tanks and other vehicles, into underwater attractions, the project aims to highlight the significant role played by the Egyptian military in shaping the nation’s rich history.

Mitigating Impact on Coral Reefs

Experts emphasize that around 200,000 divers annually explore the coral reefs beneath Hurghada’s waters, a number that significantly strains the delicate ecosystem. However, to ensure the reefs’ well-being, a sustainable limit would be tenfold fewer divers.

Embark on a remarkable underwater journey in Egypt’s Red Sea and witness the birth of a new era in dive tourism. The submerged military museum near Hurghada not only offers an unforgettable experience for divers but also contributes to the preservation of the region’s unique coral reefs.

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