Scubapro MK19 EVO BT / G260 Carbon Black Tech

Scubapro has introduced a new carbon fiber regulator that should complement their wide range of regulators.

The new regulator from Scubapro is lightweight and modern with a host of features including top performance in cold water. Swivel dome design allows easy bowel routing and second degree. And premium materials guarantee robustness and durability in all conditions. The second stage cover G260 is made of carbon fiber, and a solid tech DLC coating on the metal parts of the regulator protects it from damage, scratches, and other external influences.

We can conclude that the MK19 EVO BT / G260 Carbon BT is a robust, reliable, and modern diving regulator. A regulator that provides superior breathing performance in all diving conditions and all water temperatures. It is an excellent choice for passionate and professional divers who dive even in extreme conditions. Check out our story about scuba diving under the ice.

Thanks for reading, you can find Scubapro MK19 EVO BT regulator here.