VIDEO See how two stranded humpback whales got rescued

In early October, a true rescue mission gathered together a group of experts, biologists, and ecologists in an attempt to save two humpback whales that had become stranded along the Argentine shore in the province of Buenos Aires. These majestic animals were returned to the water with the help of big machinery.

After an 8-hour rescue operation, an 8-ton female humpback whale and a 7-ton, 8.5-meter-long male humpback whale were saved. Which all ran aground along the Atlantic coast of Argentina, one after the other. The whales were spotted by the Coast Guard, who immediately requested assistance from members of the Fundacion Mundo Marino.

Because these are such large animals, the rescue mission required heavy machinery, therefore excavators were sent to the scene. The rescue operation was a success, and both “gentle giants” were returned to their natural habitat, the ocean.

Humpback whales belong to the family of furrowed whales.  They’re known for their large pectoral fins and males who sing wonderful songs. Adults can grow up to 16 meters in length and weigh around 36 tons, and they can be found in practically all seas. They eat in the polar seas in the summer and travel to tropical regions for reproduction in the winter. Their lifespan is estimated to be between 40 and 80 years.

Humpback whales were on the edge of extinction in the last century due to mass hunting, as is typically the case. In 1966, when only 5,000 of these colossal beasts were known to exist, they were placed under severe protection. Approximately 80,000 specimens are thought to live in the world’s waters now.

They’re widely recognized for male-performed songs. Over the course of a few hours, alternate a couple of songs that last about 20 minutes each. They’re widely recognized for male-performed songs. Several hours of song changes, each lasting approximately 20 minutes. Despite the fact that scientists have been studying them for decades, they have been unable to discover why they sing. Whale songs are utilized in relaxation therapies, so if you need a break from the daily grind, take a time to relax and listen to a song brought to you by a humpback whale.

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