shipwreck USS Johnston

The deepest shipwreck ever discovered

The USS Johnston sunk during the Battle of Leyte Bay on November 25, 1944, and has been discovered at a depth of 6,100 meters.

Shipwreck USS Johnston location

The Wreck of the USS Johnston is on the seabed near the Philippines, where American forces fought against the Japanese conquest in the wilderness to liberate their former colonies. The U.S. research team at Caladan Oceanic, led by entrepreneur, researcher, and retired U.S. Naval Officer Victor Vescovo, has confirmed that it is a wreck located at the deepest depth to date. The wreck was captured on video, photographed, and examined by an underwater vessel with a crew. The USS Johnston is located at the bottom of the sea off the island of Samar, and the submarine dive took place just a few weeks ago.

The USS Johnston is a 115-meter-long battleship. Another exploration reported the location of the wreck in the Philippine Sea in 2019. However, their unmanned underwater vehicle was not capable of a deeper dive at the time. Two-thirds of the front of the ship was captured by this expedition, and that portion remained upright and intact.

Shipwreck USS Johnston crew

Of the 327 crew members, 141 survived the sinking of the ship. The assault on the ship resulted in the deaths of 50 crew members almost instantly. On life rafts, 45 people died as a result of injury. After the ship sank, 92 people were found alive in the sea, including Captain Ernest Evans. However, they have never been heard from since.

The ship’s hull still bears the number 557. His weapons are also easily recognizable. During the battle, the USS Johnston was severely damaged when it was struck by the Japanese warship Yamato.

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