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Oceanic hera (W)

Since the field of diving is progressively adjusting to the unique needs of each diver, diving equipment suppliers have been paying special attention to the fairer sex for quite some time. As a result, Oceanic experts have developed a cutting-edge buoyancy compensator designed specifically for women.

Of course, this does not mean that a man will not be able to use this compensator, but the design is actually adapted to the female anatomy and the target customers for this compensator from Oceanic are exclusively ladies.

Since the upper strap can be positioned to prevent uncomfortable squeezing, custom straps and straps allow a comfortable posture for the female body, and room for normal female curves is open. This incorporates the advantages of air balloons on the rear, since inflating does not compromise comfort, and steady buoyancy is easier to control underwater.

Regardless of depth, the proprietary compensator adjustment mechanism performs perfectly. Its stability is impeccable, and the materials used to build this compensator ensure its longevity. The place for the diving bottle is additionally reinforced on the inside. It is designed to adapt to the female anatomy so the diving tank is not felt on the back. The weight system is integrated laterally with the addition of two pockets on the back. And the pockets for the little things are usable and spacious.

There are also four “D” rings made of stainless steel and two made of solid plastic, and a place for holding a diving knife is provided on both sides of the jacket. Two pressure relief valves with exhaust ties are located in appropriate positions and are easy to reach. Of course, this kind of BCD has a corresponding price, and it is more than $600 USD.

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