New normal diving

’New normal’- Scuba diving after corona

Diving centers, local diving clubs, and other service providers are trying to predict the next diving year and adjust to the “new normal”.

Thus, it is concluded that divers will turn en masse to diving cruises. Because such cruises provide an opportunity to more easily align with epidemiological measures during a pandemic. A well-thought-out strategy suggests to divers, but also to service providers, to focus on small groups of divers. As well as to be flexible with possible deadlines and cancellations of booked tours. It is stated that diving cruises have many advantages anyway. And, in the time of a pandemic, these advantages become even more convenient. There are often fewer people on cruise boats, usually up to 20.

It is recommended that all participants be tested before boarding. And after boarding, avoid docking in larger places. Of course, it is possible to change the route and place of docking. So you can follow the epidemiological picture in a place and decide whether to dock there or change the port.

Diving cruises are a good choice for divers who want to take someone with them who does not dive. And your friends won’t be bored on the boat with you. Routes can be arranged and changed during the cruise. You will visit the best diving sites on the offer, and unfavorable places are mostly avoided.

New normal diving

It is especially convenient that a group of people who know each other or socialize can rent the whole boat and thus have privacy. But also social distance due to the pandemic.

Are diving cruises expensive

What is important to note is the price. When you consider the cost of accommodation and food, diving cruises are almost no more expensive than diving arrangements in the centers on the land. Hand on heart, diving cruises offer many more possibilities. And now there is an additional component of protection against the spread of coronavirus infection. On which the organizers and divers themselves must certainly think about.

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