Increase your monthly income with scuba diving

Increase your monthly income with scuba diving

We asked 30 professional veteran divers how to increase our monthly income with diving jobs? Here is the question we asked and their tips for 2021.

Many people aspire to a diving career in 2021. Especially now, after a very turbulent and challenging 2020. People have created a desire to work outside, in a natural and healthy environment. Surrounded by nature but also connected with humans and animals.

“If you are about to start your diving career right now, what steps would you take to make money?”

Out of 30 answers, there were many interesting statements about how to start a diving career and earn money as a scuba diver. But the first answer was the same for everyone.

Pass the PADI diver course

PADI certification is the nitrous to every potential scuba diving job.

Your diving certificate will open many doors for you and give you opportunities to get started. Choose what kind of diving career you see yourself in and move towards that goal. When you start, be aware of potential dangers while you dive. A common issue is decompression sickness or what’s called the bends. Yet, scuba diving is one of the most lucrative ways to make extra money. In addition to your regular job, use your time to develop diving skills. Remember to start with PADI scuba diving courses. Make sure you are in good physical health and have no respiratory issues.

Most profitable scuba diving jobs

There are many types of diving jobs that can increase your income or even make a living. Here are the 15 most profitable scuba diving jobs that professional divers do and make good money from.

These are average salaries and it is one hundred percent certain that you can earn more on each of these jobs. It all depends on where you work and the diving conditions.

There is indeed a wide range of job opportunities for a licensed scuba diver. If you are one, you can do various side jobs without being a police employer, in the military, or in some other company. In your spare time, you can do many diving jobs and earn some extra monthly income as a freelance diver.

A little about military diving

Military diving pays between two and four hundred dollars per dive. While that doesn’t seem like much, you will most likely dive quite a few times in one week.

What category does diving profit fall into?

When it comes to money, diving profits fall into the “fun money” category.

People make money doing various things. Too often boring and exhausting jobs. From time to time, every one of us thinks about; how to make some extra cash. Especially by doing something exciting and fun. Even people who earn well want to have extra income. A hobby where through fun and new experiences can make some good extra money. To feel more fulfilled. If it brings fun and good profit, go for it.

Did you know that scuba divers can earn a lot more than 100.000 dollars a year according to Of course, higher figures are determined by the jobs you do, but the diving salary is something I’m sure everyone would like to dive into.

What are the benefits of scuba diving?

Taking the words by experienced divers and people who have tried scuba diving for the first time. Diving offers great benefits like:

  • Stress relief
  • Lower your blood pressure
  • Improve strength
  • Get better flexibility
  • Positive effects on emotional stability, sense of joy and happiness
  • Improve human relations and build friendships

To learn more about how scuba diving can affect your health click here

Can you make a living from scuba diving?

Or, can your second job be your fun hobby and increase your annual earnings? Certainly can! Whatever diving profession you choose, there is a good chance that you will gain a decent income and a stable salary. Scuba diving is a good lead for making money from doing interesting and fun jobs.

As we mentioned, the first step is to take a dive course and get into the profession where you feel most comfortable. All you need is to swim well, be healthy and you can start your most amazing journey. Head over to PADI official website, to learn more about the PADI Scuba Diver courses.

Underwater photographer
Underwater photographer

Lots of people currently dive for a living or make extra money from scuba diving. You can have a full-time job and still start earning as a scuba diver. Although it’s fun, don’t think you will get rich right away from scuba diving. Being a professional diver requires a lot of work and dedication. You need to understand what kind of diving job inspires you and find a way to get involved in it.

Make sure you know the benefits but also the risks you are taking. Examine the various types of scuba diving jobs that suit you best. Do the research and find out how to become a professional scuba diver who makes good money.

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    1. Dante Sinistra

      With the proper gear, you can dive all year long. You can make even more money by diving in the winter or under the ice. I wrote about it 😀

  1. ScubaHankNYC

    You can also organize dive trips for groups in your area. That’s a good way to generate additional income from diving.

    1. Dante Sinistra

      Thanks for the great hint! There is a lot of opportunities to increase your income by scuba diving. I recently stumble on a post about underwater welding. These guys make some nice money as well, even if it’s a side job.

  2. Jim

    If you want to make extra money diving spend a few thousand dollars to get certified through PADI as a dive master and then you can sometimes do freelance work through recreational shops once you have a couple hundred dives under your belt. Anything outside of this is considered commercial diving and you will either need to do the work in certified and be in extreme danger or spend 30k plus to go to a commercial diving school and be properly trained. You do not simply make extra cash from diving it’s either for fun or a full time job that is one of the most dangerous and exhausting in the world. It is also extremely hard on your body. And for anyone thinking of becoming an underwater welder stop it right now any real commercial diver will tell you the job does not exist. Underwater welding is something few commercially trained divers will ever do in there careers as it’s an extremely rare job that needs to be done. 🙄 Sad to see such misinformation spread and passed off as a serious article. I am a commercial diver who has been diving for years and actually know about the industry.

    1. Dante Sinistra

      Hey Jim, why don’t you share your experience and knowledge with our readers and send us your first-person story? I will be more than happy to publish your experience and opinion about making money as a professional scuba diver.

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