How to make money as a night diver

How to make money as a night diver

Five ways to make money as a night diver

In this article, we are going through 5 interesting ways on how to make money as a night diver. Each of them could increase your income and grow your scuba diving career. Here you will find all the essential gear for night diving as well.

Most essential gear for night diving

The most essential gear for night diving are lights. As you can imagine diving at night without it. But, what really makes night diving such a special and unique experience? When the sun goes down and you get prepared for the night diving. You will get some chills through your body and a nice boost of adrenaline. So here is some most essential gear for a night diving that you’ll need to pack in your diving bag.

Primary and secondary lights

The underwater visibility at night is practically none. In that case, you will need at least two lights to increase your range of vision. The best choice for diving light would be hands-free lights but not the brightest you can find. 250 lumen light is enough for a night diving. More than 250 lumen light is for murky waters. The average bright light is quite enough for visibility and the underwater world around you. So you can observe your surroundings without disturbing them.

Secondary light should be your support light. If your primary light brakes in some way. Your spare one will come in handy and you can continue with your job or adventure.

Use light sticks when you scuba dive at night

These lights are used for communication with your surroundings. If you are diving in a team, they will be able to notice you easier. Lights sticks can attach to your air tank or diving gear, and besides spot, you can also use it for signaling.

Scuba diving at night

Scuba diving computer

Diving computer is essential for any type of diving, especially for night diving. When buying, make sure it has a bright screen and as many options as you can get. Having a compass, measuring the estimated emergency decompression, depth, time, is a crucial thing.

Diving with wrist slate

This nice piece of addition on your wrist for night diving can be used in various ways. You can take notes while diving or communicate with your fella divers with wrist slate. This is a nice thing to wear when scuba diving. Always comes in handy.

Make money as a night diver

Now let’s talk about making money as a night diver. Owning the essential diving gear gives you the advantage of scuba dive at night. And your night diving experience can increase your budged handsomely.

Military and police diving at night

This type of diving is the most paid and respected in the diving world. If you are in service of a military or police. Apply to be a scuba diver. Diving at night will bring you more money due to difficult working conditions. This means you will be often diving at night. During the search for lost individuals or weapons that end up in the water after police or military persecution. This is a very well paid job and if you do saturation diving it’s even better paid.

Commercial night diving

For this one, you will need education, much longer than PADI. It takes up from 6 months to a year. You will learn everything you need to know about diving and then you go to underwater labor. Here you can dive on oil rigs, insured underwater pipes, or whatever construction people do on the land. Almost everything is done underwater as well. A lot of companies provide night work during work deadlines and you can make more money as a night diver.

Make money as a night lifeguard diver

For this type of job, you have to be in great physical and mental health and have a proper license. You will be responsible for a wide range of activities. Related to the protection of swimmers and boaters. You are maintaining the security and patrolling the water at night. In case of emergency, you provide first aid and rescuing swimmers when needed. You will also assist in the implementation of SCUBA diving operations. And perform other duties as assigned.

Scuba diving night supervisor

The diving supervisor inspects all divers in his team for physical and mental health. Before each dive. Assign the duties of all members of the dive team. And direct them throughout the diving operation. Inspecting diving equipment before every dive to ensure that everything is operating. Sometimes, for this kind of job, you will need up 10 years of experience in offshore commercial diving. This job is also done at night as a night diver.

Scuba diving

Research and hunting the animals at night

Earning money as a hunter or research diver is another way to make money as a night diver. There are some animals you won’t be able to see during the day. Also, there are animals which behave differently on day and night. Animals like crabs, shrimps, and lobsters are coming out at night time. Octopi are swimming freely and lobsters are coming out from their shelters. On a night dive, you are able to see the food chain in the action and their camouflage strategy. For example, sharks behave differently when the sun goes down. They prefer hunting at night. This type of work has a lot of interesting aspects and also it is a well-paid job.

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