Manta ray rescue

Giant Manta Ray Rescue

One ordinary recreational dive on Bonaire recently became a spectacular adventure for divers and one large mantle.

A manta caught in fishing hooks, ropes, and pieces of net approached a group of divers as if recognizing that they might be able to assist her. Divemaster Rugene “Spider” Marinus of Toucan Diving was leading a group of American recreational divers to the Corporal Meiss site when they saw a large ocean mantle approaching. She got trapped with a fishing hook and dragged behind her a bunch of ropes, hooks, and cordages.

An experienced dive instructor knew exactly what to do. He approached the mantle and gradually removed the majority of the rope, but not all of it. At that time, a member of the group handed him her diving knife, and Manta returned for further assistance. Manta made a second circle around the divers, and with the help of a diving knife, they were able to remove all of the ropes and hooks in only a few minutes. As a sign of gratitude, the manta returned a third time, did a somersault, and slowly disappeared into the blue.

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