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Divers’ stories: Darkness, icy water, and suddenly someone patted me on the shoulder!

While some people don’t know how to swim and tremble at the very thought of the depth, others enjoy everything that has to do with rivers, seas, and oceans. Divers ’stories and their experiences beneath the surface sometimes resemble scenes from horror movies. For some, they even have changed the concept of the ocean forever.

One Reddit user asked scuba divers what are the darkest and strangest things they found underwater? The answers were diverse, but also creepy.

Three days under water

A group of divers who went after the bodies of supposedly dead people found a living man on a sunken boat. He miraculously survived three days in the shipwreck and reportedly listened to other crew members being devoured by sharks. “It is hard for me to imagine how creepy it was for them while they were looking for dead bodies, and suddenly someone patted them on the shoulder” – read one of the answers.

Something pulled me by the leg

I’m not a diver, but when I surfed in New Zealand, I felt something tangled around my leg. I saw it was nylon for fishing. I pulled it, trying to free myself, but it was very heavy and I started to sink. Somehow I came to the shore, and a friend approached me in the shallower part, seeing that something was wrong. We both started pulling the nylon thinking it was some big fish, and a dead body appeared with a hook in its neck and nylon wrapped around its head. We dragged him to the shore, called rescuers, and then started vomiting. He did not have eyes – one user testified in divers stories.

Concrete blocks

On one occasion, I was diving with friends and we saw a large refrigerator to which five concrete blocks were attached with rusty chains. The refrigerator was very rusty, it was clear he was at least 30 years old. We immediately write the coordinates, surfaced, and called the police. We later found out what was in the refrigerator: 10 porcelain dolls – describes the diver.

Giant eel

I dived near the remains of an old World War II warship. It used to be full of bullets, but most were picked up by divers as a souvenir. It is now rare to find them. I saw a bunch of shiny untouched shell casings and headed towards them. Suddenly a large eel appeared from the murky depths. Without exaggeration, she had a horse-sized head and huge teeth. I couldn’t see her whole body, but it was clear that no one was allowed to approach those shell casings. Later, people told me at the local bar that the thing had been there for years and that many dived there just to see it. I have no idea why he keeps those shell casings, but supposedly eels like great objects – another diver recounts his experience.

The whale

Once my friends and I found ourselves between a whale mom and a cub. Only one friend saw her coming and at the last moment, she dived below us. We didn’t notice anything until we suddenly felt as if an 18-meter freight train was rushing below us – the man described the unusual encounter.


My diving instructor told me that on one occasion he found a skeleton dressed in a diving suit with the oxygen tank on his back. He told me that he reported it to the police and that he later found out that it was his wife who cut off his air supply. She took him on a dive adventure to kill him – reads one of the experiences.

Diving stories skeleton


This didn’t happen to me, it happened to my dad. When he was in college, he had some field research that included diving. One day, he dived not far from Santa Cruz and found a cart from a store full of concrete blocks, and a chain was attached to the handle. He followed the chain and at the other end found a barefoot tied with a chain. He assumed that the fish ate the rest of the body – it sounds like a scene from a horror movie.


I dived in Zanzibar three days ago. Everything was normal until we got back to shore. I picked up my bag and felt something move inside. At first, I thought it was a big black worm that somehow found its way into my bag. When I overturned it, I realized it was a two-foot-long poisonous sea snake.I still have no idea how she got there – the diver testified.

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