Military diving, a few things you want to know

Take a quick peek into the military diving and find out what is it, their salaries, and even how can you become a military diver.
Here are some interesting things you want to know about military divers. Expand your diving knowledge and increase your chances to become one of them.

First, let’s get clear what is military diving, and how much you can be payed as a military diver.

Being a professional military diver is the highest honor in the diving profession. In addition to interesting work, there is also an honor involved that you feel when you are a military diving professional. Although, it doesn’t seem like much to earn $200-400 per dive for such a position; you are most likely going to dive several times a week. By taking a part in operations and special diving duties worldwide, you can increase your profits even more.

Military diving training

Talking about military divers, their expertise in diving is unmatched. No other unit is more intensively trained to succeed in the dangerous underwater circumstances. Every task they take on is based on a strong commitment to teamwork. Diving in the beautiful blue oceans is great, but that’s not the case here. Most dives are in dark, cold, and unrelenting water. But first of all, you will have to meet the requirements, and only the very dedicated people will be able to fulfill it. There is no room for weak people here, because petty mistakes are often paid for by someone else’s well being or even life.

You will then need to undergo training to return. And only after that, you are allowed to start working. There are many types of things that military divers do. From repairing ships underwater to searching for missing bodies in murky rivers.

Military divers are key to many missions and campaigns. Working on fight and demolitions, underwater and coastal observation, elimination of combat equipment, search and rescue operations, underwater welding and maintain the carriers and underwater ship engineering. Military diving is a job that carries a lot of risks with it. Responsibilities are far beyond than ordinary professional divers.

Military engineer divers can take a peek at the places which many will ever see, either on a shipwreck or looking for veteran remains in Sea waters. Before graduation army divers must complete one final certification. They start a six-week block, learn the details of underwater demolition, and learn how to set and detonate charges in marine conditions.

There are more than 700,000 american troops among active and reserve members of the military. Among them are combat divers, who specialize in scuba diving or deep sea, located at depths up to 190 feet. The position is appealing to those interested in mechanics and underwater operations.

Military divers can be deployed in a lot of military armed forces, including the Navy, the Army, the Marines, the Air Force, and the Coast Guard.

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