Scuba Diving Gear, things you need to know

Here you can check out most essential scuba diving gear you will need if you want to dive deep into the underwater world, explore more or hunt for a treasure. Get a few answers you’re searching for, find information about diving gear whether you are a beginner or a professional scuba diver.

Have you ever seen the alluring beauty of the hidden ocean and got the craving to explore it yourself on your next planned vacation? If you have, then you should know that it would take some preparation, basic training and skill to dive into the depths of the ocean. Besides, without the right equipment, diving into the ocean is like watching a beautiful nature with blurred glass.

If you are a scuba diving beginner , the most essential gear you’ll need consists of a diving mask, a wet-suit, fins, scuba gloves, a scuba tank and a regulator.

Diving Mask

Humans have not been designed to live in the ocean. Therefore, our eyes are unable to see clearly underwater, not least saltwater. But who cares when we have a awesome diving mask (Smile). Diving mask allows us to see the exquisiteness of the underwater world with the whole spectrum of colors.


In most cases, the wet-suit is made of neoprene rubber, which sticks to your skin by trapping a thin layer of water between.  Sometimes, wearing a dry-suit is uncomfortable due to its weight. But if you take into consideration the coldness of the water, from which this suit protects you, its weight shouldn’t annoy you at all. When buying you should always look for good quality wet suit but not expensive, because it’s worn out quickly and you will want to change it if you dive frequently.

Scuba Fins

You can find two types of scuba fins on the market today – full-foot fins and open-heel. The difference between these two types of fins is obvious. The name says it all. The open-heel fins don’t cover your whole heel. Instead, they have rubber straps, which you can adjust to a preferable position. Why are fins so important for your scuba diving? For one thing, good fins give you agility and speed. For another, they protect your feet from sharp stones, thorny plants, and coldness.

Scuba Gloves

Scuba gloves work the same way a dry-suit does. They trapped a thin layer of water between their inner side and your skin. Scuba gloves are essential, especially if you want to explore caves or some other challenging places. Having scratched hands is not the worst-case scenario that might happen to you – if you avoid wearing scuba gloves while exploring an underwater cave, for instance. 

Scuba Tank

We, as humans, haven’t been born with gills. But the human brain has reached such a magnitude of creative thinking and innovation that not only we can see underwater – but we can breathe as well, only by wearing the proper gear, of course. And that proper gear is called scuba tank. The scuba tank is usually made of aluminum, and it helps us transport large volumes of compressed oxygen into the depths of the ocean.


This is very important gadget for scuba diving. You should always look for good quality regulator because it controls the pressure of the air that you breathe from the scuba tank. The regulator is made of two, so-called, stages. The first stage connects to the scuba tank – while the second stage represents the part that goes into your mouth.

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Nevertheless, there is also an advanced scuba diving gear, which is mainly used by professionals. This advanced scuba diving gear includes of all the things that is mentioned above – plus a depth gauge, submersible pressure gauge, a compass, a dive computer, a buoyancy compensator, a snorkel, an underwater camera, tank bangers, dive knives, and for sure with more diving equipment, your experience is safer and more fulfilled but it’s all individual choice and just with basic gear you will have wonderful experience.

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