Hvar, Croatia; The Island of Happiness

Croatia is one of the greatest Europian countries to visit. There are countless astonishing villages and cities right on the Adriatic coast with lots of untold stories and unsearched places for traveling diver. 

Well worth place to mention is one small but beautiful friendly place called Stari Grad, which is based on Island Hvar, just in the center of Dalmatia, commonly known as the most beautiful region in Croatia.

Scuba diving in Stari Grad, Hvar

If you are interested in scuba diving, there are some proffers for you. Diving center in Stari Grad offers a variety of options for beginners and also experienced divers. There you can take diving courses, take a diving trip, and even rent some equipment for your journey. In addition to diving, you can also rent a kayak or taking kayak course and trips, you can rent a boat or motorcycle. The activities are endless.

Stari Grad, Maslinica beach

Now let’s mention Maslinica beach. One quiet and unique beach in the Old Town. Unlike other beaches around Stari Grad, this is a sand beach and very peaceful. Little hiking near the main road and you will get there soon enough with no trouble. We had a boat and most of the time we went there by boat, and several times by car. There is also a road by which you can reach the beach with plenty of parking space. Right on the coast, there is natural water sources so the water is a little chilly at the entrance. That’s quite refreshing and good for your health. With appropriate diving suit, there will be no fuss about. You can dive into the most beautiful destination in Stari Grad, which is still untouched and unexplored. The real dream come true for any scuba diver.

Maslinica beach

Stari Grad on Island Hvar is full of inspiration and proffers for experiencing new things, ideal to any kind of traveler, especially for traveling diver. Croatian tasty meals, clean and beautiful turquoise sea and friendly people will make your journey unforgettable and you will wish to come back there for sure. 

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